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Nutriorg Stevia Leaf For Diabetes - Natural Sweetener (Pack of 2 x 100g)

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Product Details

Product Info

  • Ingredients Stevia Leaf
  • Brand Name Nutriorg
  • Product Type Sweetener
  • Pack of 2
  • Form Whole
  • Container Type Plastic Bottle
  • Product Shelf life (in days) 18 Months
  • Manufacturer Rattan Farms
  • Country of Origin India

Product Highlights

  • Food Preference Vegetarian
  • Suitable For Diabetes
  • Dietary Preference Sugar Free, Natural, Organic
  • Added Sugar No
  • Added Preservatives No

How to Use

  • Used for Daily Use
  • Directions of Use Cora's Nutritionist Recommendation: 4-5 leaves / 2-3 times a day. Brand Recommendation: Take 5-6 leafs in 1 cup of tea or as per your taste. �Boil for 5mins and serve. �Can dip 5-6 leafs (equal to 1table spoon sugar) in water overnight and use that water in making sugar free cake, juices, sweet dishes and sweet products.
  • Storage Instructions Keep in Normal Temperature


  • Nutrition Content Nutritional Information Nutritional Facts Per 100g Proteins 10mg Fiber 18mg Iron 55.30mg Calcium 3mg Sodium 464mg Carbohydrate 52mg Phosphorus 11.4mg Potassium 1800mg
  • Nutritional Benefits Nutriorg Stevia Leaf is completely organically grown in company owned certified organic farms located in different parts of Rajasthan. Nutriorg Organic Stevia Leaf is packed in high quality 0.5 kg pet jars which are reusable. Nutriorg Stevia Leaf jar is 100% safe to store any food item post use. Stevia is a 100% natural zero calorie sweeteners with a number of health benefits that have been proven through human studies. Stevia herb is extremely low in calories. Its dry leaves possess roughly 50 times more sweetness than sugar. This sweetness quality in Stevia is due to several glycoside compounds including stevioside, steviolbioside, rebaudiosides A-E and dulcoside. Along with being an herb Stevia contains many vital minerals, vitamins that are significantly absent in artificial sweeteners.

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