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Dr. Morepen

Dr. Morepen Krilliq Krill Oil 1000mg Capsules With CoQ10 100mg For Heart & Brain Health (30 Softgels)

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Product Details

Product Info

  • Ingredients Krill oil - 1000 mg, Coenzyme Q10 (30%) - 100 mg
  • Brand Name Dr. Morepen
  • Product Type Natural Supplement
  • Pack of 30 Softgels
  • Form Tablet
  • Container Type Bottle
  • Product Shelf life (in days) 24 Months
  • Manufacturer Maxcure Nutravedics Limited
  • Country of Origin India

Product Highlights

  • Food Preference Vegetarian
  • Suitable For Heart Health, Brain Health, Joint Health, Liver Health
  • Dietary Preference Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan, Sugar Free
  • Added Sugar No
  • Added Preservatives No

How to Use

  • Directions of Use Cora's Nutritionist Recommendation: 1 cap/day
    Brand's Recommendation: 1 Capsule a day or as suggested by your Dietician.
  • Storage Instructions Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place


  • Nutritional Benefits 1. Sourced from Superba Krill™ - Contains high quality krill oil from Antarctic waters which helps increase the Omega-3 Index in body faster and more efficiently compared to other marine sources of Omega-3. 2. Supports Brain, Heart & Joint Health- High phospholipid-bound Omega-3 fatty acid (EPA/DHA), choline, and astaxanthin content support brain and eye, heart & joint health. 3. Flexitech Technology- Formulated with patented Flexitech technology to enhance krill oil quality, without the use of chemicals. Effectively removes various unwanted salts resulting in highly pure phospholipid bound Omega-3 fatty acids. 4. Eco Harvesting- The patented extraction technology helps in sustainably producing high quality krill oil, while not affecting ecosystem. 5. Better Absorption & No Fishy Aftertaste- Krill oil is absorbed and carried in the form of phospholipid which is easily recognized and utilized effectively by our body. KRILLIQ’s phospholipid bound omega-3s mix well within stomach juices, preventing fishy aftertaste or any unpleasant digestive issues. 6. High Strength Capsules- Each KRILLIQ capsule provides 1000mg krill oil and 100mg coenzyme Q10.

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