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Auric Tea Premix Combo - Elaichi Tea (10 Sachets) & Masala Tea (10 Sachets) & California Almonds (250g)

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Product Details

Product Info

  • Ingredients Cinnamon,Tea Extract, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cloves, Milk Powder, Sugar
  • Brand Name Auric
  • Product Type Combo
  • Pack of Elaichi Tea (10 Sachets) & Masala Tea (10 Sachets) & California Almonds (250g)
  • Form Whole
  • Container Type Sachets
  • Product Shelf life (in days) 9 Months
  • Manufacturer Sugandh Tea Pvt. Ltd.
  • Country of Origin India

Product Highlights

  • Food Preference Vegetarian
  • Suitable For Diabetes, Cold And Cough, Hypothyroidism, PCOS
  • Allergens Dairy, Nuts
  • Dietary Preference Natural, Gluten Free
  • Added Sugar Yes
  • Added Preservatives No

How to Use

  • Used for It can be used as a Perfect Gift on a festive ocassion
  • Directions of Use Cora's Nutritionist Recommendation: For Tea: 1-2 cups per day; For Almonds: 5-6/day
    Brand's Recommendation: Preparation Instruction (1) Pour one sachet to a cup (125ml)
    (2)Fill it up with boiling water
    (3) Stir a little and enjoy
  • Storage Instructions Store in Cool, Dry and away from Direct Sunlight.


  • Nutrition Content Elaichi Premix tea Per sachet: 20 g,In one serve Energy(kcal) -72.85, Protein(g)-1.98, Carbohydrates(g)-11.50, Total sugar(g)-9.85, Fat(g)-2.10
    Masala Premix tea: Per sachet: 20 g,In one serve Energy(kcal) -71.79, Protein(g)-1.97, Carbohydrates(g)-11.25, Total sugar(g)-9.86, Fat(g)-2.10
  • Nutritional Benefits Experience the richness of Airline Premix Tea with this Unique Gifting Set curated by Experts. The box contains
    Masala Premix Tea Tin - 10 sachets Elaichi Premix Tea Tin - 10 sachets Calfornia Almonds- 1 Box
    Auric Premix tea is made for perfect tea lovers which contains elaichi tea and masala tea which is easy to carry,convenient,perfect quantity of 1 sachet,easy to dispose so no more you have to find and search your favorite tea.Just have it mix with hot water and enjoy. Also Pack have 250 gm Calfornia almonds
    1.Calfornia Almonds are rich in nutrients especially Magnesium which help curb down Blood Pressure & maintain good heart health 2.Lowers harmful cholesterol levels, Low glycaemic index – perfect choice for diabetics 3.Rich source of proteins, omega 3, calcium, iron, magnesium, folic acid 4.Hearts best friend, improves cardiovascular system

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