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Cora is a marketplace of curated products to help Indians live healthier, happier lives. On our site, you’ll find healthy breakfasts and snacks, keto and vegan foods, kitchen staples and superfoods, and lots more.

At Cora, we pride ourselves on our curation and would never sell something we wouldn’t eat ourselves (and not admit to our personal trainers). We also believe everyone’s health needs are unique, so we offer assisted buying (we even have a nutritionist on board!) to make buying easier.

In the short time that we’ve been in operation, we’ve seen an overwhelming response from people across the country and age groups. We’re quickly ramping up and introducing more products, services and community features to help achieve our mission - to simplify healthy living.

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Five things we believe in

Call these values, call these business principles, call these credos we live our personal lives by, call them anything you like!

Prevention > Cure

It’s an age-old cliche for a reason. We believe leading a healthy life will keep disease and hospital visits at bay.

Everyone’s different

There cannot be a one-size-fits-all when it comes to what you put into your body. To help, we have assisted buying and curated categories.

The best ad is a satisfied customer

We’re a small company and can’t afford to go all out on Instagram ads. So we’ve got to grow the old-fashioned way!

Healthy living should be simple

So many products! So many diets! So many claims! We know it can get a bit confusing and try to help you clear through the clutter.

Sustainability is everything

Whether it means caring for the planet, or building a customer-friendly business, the S-word is at the heart of all we do.

Our Founders

Snigdha and Shrijit set up Cora in May 2020 after believing there was a space for a marketplace that sold only stuff that was good for you. The idea was inspired by own and observed health issues. The duo have rich and varied experience across functions in e-commerce, FMCG, health & wellness. Manan, Snigdha’s long time friend from undergrad, was helping out Cora as a tech advisor since launch and was super excited with what Cora’s vision was. He has now joined Cora full-time as CTO and Founder to scale Cora’s digital presence. At Cora, they’re supported by a young, hungry team keen to take health to the masses!

Snigdha Kumar

MICA, Ahmedabad
ex-Flipkart, ITC

Shrijit Venkatesh

ISB, Hyderabad
ex-Flipkart, FabFurnish, NCC

Manan Kadia

Carnegie Melon University, USA
ex-LinkedIn, VmWare, Yahoo!

Our Team

Our talented and diverse team works together for one purpose—to unlock the potential of those around us.

Ankith Shetty

Brand Manager

Ayushi Khandelwal

Content Writer

Arjun Khati

Catalogue Executive

Chetan K

CRM Executive

Dhwani Mistry

Food Scientist

Naman Sharma

Category Manager

Nikita Bellad

Sr. CRM Executive

Suman Naidu

Operations Specialist

Saritha Jain

Catalog Specialist

Yasin Mohammed

Asst. Vendor Manager

Priya S.

CRM Executive

Vikash Vaibhav

Mobile App Developer

Ravi Ranjan

Manager - Operations

Sanjana P

Junior Nutritionist

Amarnatha L

Asst. Manager Operations

Life at Cora

Culture isn’t easy to explain, but you get the picture.

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