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What does CORA mean for you?


Every wellness journey is unique. Getting started on this journey is an achievement in itself. But through this journey there are so many decisions that have to be made. What Food Should I eat? What workout is right for me? Will I get my nutrients? How do I manage my stress? Where can I ask my doubts ? Where do I buy healthy foods?

These questions at each turn can get quite overwhelming and throw someone off entirely. Our aim is to ensure that doesn’t happen. We are here to simplify Health & Wellness. Be there by the side of all those on this journey.

We are an ecosystem of Health and Wellness products and services. Where one doesn't just find the best products, but also understands with the help of a community how best to use it. A place where they feel empowered to achieve their goals and overcome their struggles.

Cora in essence is Wellness Simplified


  • The inception
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It has been a long journey as we at Cora took a deep dive into healthcare. A journey that began with providing personalised Diabetes management solutions. While on ground with the people there were deep learnings.

Learnings that led us to the realisation, that the cure is certainly not the solution. And Prevention needs a lot more empathetic hand holding. In the sea of information out there for every goal and health need, curated information is the need.

And that's how Cora was conceptualised, with the sole intention of making Health and wellness achievable and affordable for everyone.




Quality is the topmost priority for us. To ensure that only the best products reach the people. We follow a strong process of curation of the brands and each of the products that we onboard onto our platform rigorously checking everything right from the nutrition claims to the packaging and handling. So that the users can enjoy their choice and journey carefree.



We have tied up with the best logistic partners to ensure that the products are delivered fresh and in great condition to every zip code across India. It is our core belief at Cora that Health and Wellness should be for absolutely everyone.



We believe that Price should not be a reason why someone cannot achieve their health goals. We are constantly striving to give the best prices across all products. Helping people manage their daily lives without worrying about missing out on the healthy products and services that they need and deserve.



With the right products and services lined up for the user, we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone gets understanding of the best usage and application of the products that they buy. We provide upfront information from dietary preferences, diet choice match all the way to the last nutrients. And we have a panel of experts who work with us to ensure that the knowledge that we amass is accurate so we can carry it forward to the users with confidence. And this we do in the simplest formats so they don’t have to worry about reading labels or calculating calories.


Core Team 

We are colleagues from Flipkart with a deep passion for Commerce and consumer tech. Through our experience we have found that we not just have a common belief system but also a common understanding of what the users need. And we have put all of this experience, understanding and learnings together for Cora and for you.


Snigdha Kumar : CEO, Founder 

Before starting Cora, She was heading the Food & Nutrition Category in Flipkart. Which she scaled from 5crs Monthly run rate to 100 crs in 18 months. She has taken multiple online and offline consumer brands from 0 to 1 profitably in her decade long career.


Shrijit Venkatesh: COO, Founder 

Shrijit, our COO in his previous role, was holding the mantle for planning supply chain and operations for a third of flipkart units. A 2 time entrepreneur and an ISB alum, he’s an E-commerce expert with an experience of nearly 10 years building the backbone of multiple businesses.


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