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Healthy Natural Unpolished Rice

Be it in sumtuous biryanis, or comforting thairu-saadam - we Indians love our rice. So rather than running away from it, we heartily encourage getting healthy rice to incorporate into your diet! You probably know the benefits of unpolished rice (over the white ones) and we have a range of them! From brown and black rice, which are ideal for your meals. These are low GI (so great for diabetics as well) and packed with nutrients. And honestly, we find them tastier as well!

Low GI Rice
Low GI Rice

Sugar Watchers

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    Green Habit Black Rice (100% Natural & Chemical Free)

    Green Habit

    from₹ 475.00

      Conscious Food Black Rice - 500g

      Conscious Food

      ₹ 285.00

        Conscious Food Black Rice 200g (Pack of 2)

        Conscious Food

        ₹ 272.00

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