Essential Indian Healthy Foods you can Have this Winter to Challenge Omicron

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Essential Indian Healthy Foods you can Have this Winter to Challenge Omicron

List of the Must-Eat Winter Foods to Fight the Third-Wave

What warms your heart more than soulful food?  Cold temperatures cause your blood vessels to constrict, resulting in shallow breathing. To fight off any cardiovascular problems, you need to be healthy and fit. The best way to maintain your overall health is by eating the right food and exercising daily. 

Raw and Real Covid Essentials

When it’s chilly outside, you need to keep yourself warm by consuming healthy winter foods such as these:


Honey solves everything. Be it sore throat, immunity issues, dry skin, or nerve pains, honey is useful for all of it. It sweetens your whole body. Honey’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties make it the perfect food to consume in winters. You can add it to your teas as a natural sweetener. Buy authentic honey now!


Best food to intoxicate the body? Sprouts! Mung beans are high in protein and low in calories which makes them a guiltless addition to any salad. They also contain high-level antioxidants which help to remove harmful toxins from the body. Eating sprouts regularly can also fight dandruff, rejuvenate skin, control acne, and balance hormones. 

To make it a delicious breakfast, you can mix sprouts with chopped onions, tomatoes, curd, and regular spices. And there you have a chat ready! Buy mung beans now!


If you’ve been wondering how to strengthen your immunity, ghee is the way to go. Adding even 1 tablespoon of ghee to your diet can strengthen your immunity a lot. You can cure chapped lips, dark circles, and dull skin with consistent application of ghee. It is nutrient-dense and helps you stay warm in this chilly weather. Buy pure and authentic ghee right now!

Dry Fruits

Almonds, figs, walnuts, and pistachios are the best dry fruit to have in winter. To get proper nutrition from a diet, including dry fruits is a must. They work as armor against winter illnesses by keeping your body temperature normal. And hey! This is your best option for midnight snacking. Buy the best dry fruits from authentic brands like Nutraj, Wonderland, and more. 

Whole Grains

Turn to millets this winter to fuel your body. Whole grains like corn, bajra, jowar, and oats. They provide early satiety, take longer to digest and keep the body energized for a long time. Get good quality whole grains from LO! Foods, Good Food, Nutraj, and more such brands. Buy now!


Jaggery has a host of health benefits from aiding digestion and weight loss, to anemia and pain. It also helps to detoxify the body, and boost metabolism. You can either directly consume jaggery or take it in the form of syrups or powders from brands like Dhampur, Organic India, and more. Buy now!


Cinnamon is famous in all Christmas recipes and for good reason. It’s not just the aroma that draws you towards cinnamon, but its health benefits as well. It helps in improving blood glucose and cholesterol levels in people with diabetes. It is a trusted source for cold relief and sore throat. Get whole cinnamons and powders from Wonderland Food, Conscious Food, and more! Buy now!

Coffee and Hot Ginger Tea

Regardless of the season, these two beverages are always in demand. Fortunately, in winter the demand for coffee and tea increase. And what’s winter without warm liquids. Ginger tea has a host of benefits like building immunity, fighting a cold, sore throat, improving digestion, and so on. Get the best ginger tea and coffee from Blue Tokai, Zevic, Vahdam, Care, and more. Buy now!

Must-Have Healthy Recipes 

Let’s look at what you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the season of shivering and cuddling. 


Here are a few of the many things you can make for breakfast:


 Besan ka chilla is perfect for breakfast, especially for those who want to lose weight. It is quick and easy to make when you are clueless about your breakfast. To make it more interesting and full of protein, you can add paneer to it. 

Mix besan with grated paneer, salt, bell pepper, tomato, onion, green chili, ajwain, and coriander leaves. Add water as per the type of consistency you want and Voila! You’re ready to cook it on a flat pan. 


Residing up north or central India will convince you to have Poha every day for breakfast. It’s super easy and super yummy! Poha is flattened rice made with onions, peas, tomatoes, peanuts, potatoes, and lots of herbs and spices. You can skip or replace any item you don’t want in your Poha. If you are methodical with your procedure, your poha will be ready in 10 minutes tops! Get red, black, and mixed rice flakes at your convenience. Buy now!

Gingerbread Oats

Spruce up your mornings with delicious gingerbread oats and delve into the coziest breakfast. It only gets better from the first bite. Get your pack of this delicious goodness from Jammy’s Gingerbread Oats. Buy now!

Lunch and Dinner

Now that our breakfast is sorted, let’s move on to the next meal. Just like our breakfast recipe ideas, these are also quick and convenient to make. 

Chole Masala

Straight from the lanes of Punjab and Delhi, chole/chana masala lives in our hearts rent-free. To make this one-pot recipe a lot more healthy, you can add butternut squash and rutabaga to it. In about 40 minutes, your dish will be ready to serve. Always remember to buy good-quality chickpeas to make your dish taste amazing. 

Bajra Khichdi

The quintessential winter dish is here. It’s warm, nutritious, and as healthy as it gets. From Rajasthan and Haryana to all the neighboring states, Bajra khichdi has found its casa. It’s a one-pot recipe cooked with moong dal and all herbs and spices. It’s a dish that’ll leave you wanting more this winter. Buy millets now!

Winter Vegetable Soup

Oh, this bone-warming liquid works wonders in combating colds. You cannot go wrong with a vegetable soup. Boil the vegetables of your choice in a large pot, add the necessary spices and let it cook on a slow heat for about 40 mins and serve it with croutons, grated cheese, and parsley. 


Can we Indians do without side dishes ever? Be it sweet or savory, we need our side dishes to accompany lunch, dinner, and sometimes breakfast too. 

Gajar Ka halwa

Winter is incomplete without garam garam gajar ka halwa. Change my mind! You have every excuse to gorge on this delicious dessert. Top it with dry fruits and enjoy the magic of fudgy sweetness. 

Badam Ka Halwa

Khas Khas Badam ka halwa is another famous dessert, especially for winters. Almonds have numerous health benefits that strengthen immunity and help in digestion. Incorporate ghee with your khas khas-badam paste, add milk and elaichi powder while cooking on a low flame and there you have it! Garnish it with toasted almond flakes. Buy almonds, and sweeteners now to make it more healthy!

The Healthy Indian Cuisine To Keep you Warm this Winter

There you go. Those were our options for a healthy and cozy winter this year. If you have better suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below. Can’t wait to hear all the things you tried to make this winter!

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