Best Indian Comfort Foods For Winter

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Best Indian Comfort Foods For Winter

The Goodness Of Fruits

The rain pours down, seeps into the earth below and brings new life. Yes, we are referring to the luscious gifts that nature bestows on us during the monsoons – the succulent fruits we all know and love! This is a season of renewal and growth, which brings with it both calm and excitement. You can snuggle up with your most loved fruit and maybe even try something new. Whip up a fresh juice, cut them up and stir in some cream for a fruit salad or even pair them with some nutty granola. Whichever way you spin it; fruits should not be missed out on when they are this fresh. The natural sweetness and the juiciness are but a few of the qualities that make them so sought-after. Besides, they are therapeutic and we can protect ourselves from infections with the countless nutrients they have to offer.  


Here is a shortlist of some of nature's most divine candy you can find in India:

1. The King Of Fruits, Mango

We eagerly await the time when every store, big or small, is selling sweet, fragrant mangoes! The tender taste of this versatile fruit can be incorporated into a copious amount of cuisines. Our personal go-to is the lovely mango pickle that seems to enchant us! However, even eaten right off the tree, mango is one fruit that holds its own. Eating mangoes add vitamins A, B, K and C, powerful antioxidants like polyphenols and minerals that are incredible for health (1). You can support your heart health, digestion, skin and hair with the King Of Fruits!

       2. A Hidden Gem, Jamun

      This fruit, also called Java plum or black plum, is native to India. The vibrant purple colour and sweet flavour make the Jamun so attractive. You can make salads, juices, sauces and even ice cream with them. Consuming Jamun will make your body happy too as it is renowned for the amplitude of health benefits it provides. These fruits are loaded with vitamin A, C and iron which increases haemoglobin naturally, manages blood sugar and helps your skin glow (2).

          3. Snow White's Delight, Apples

          Can you resist the smell of an apple pie on a rainy day? If this doesn't make you want to get some apples, we don't know what will! These fruits make great baked desserts, or you can spread some natural butter on them for a sweet-salty combo from heaven. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is a quote we have all been privy to. This statement carries some truth as they are packed with nutrients like fibre, vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, etc. These support heart health, weight loss and diabetes. Apples also have natural prebiotics for the gut (3).

            4. Chinese Strawberry, Litchi 

            This fruit has many names but what is common is the fact that everyone enjoys juicy litchis. They can be used to make juices, lemonades, sorbets and yummy ice creams. Litchis bring with them vitamin C and A, folate and fibre (4). These phytonutrients help manage blood pressure and support the cardiovascular system.

              5. A Symbol Of Good Fortune, Plums

              The deep colour of plums (a.k.a, plum) was named after the fruit itself. It is a colour that accurately symbolizes the sweet richness of the fruit. Plums can be used as a superb addition to your salads, you can make chutney or a warm pie. Plums are high in vitamin C and antioxidants that promote a healthy heart, support digestion and even ward off anxiety (5)!

                6. More Than A Topping, Cherries

                Do you enjoy the cherry on top of the cake as much as we do? Thank goodness, it is the cherry season! These fruits are as delicious as they look. Try combining cut-up cherries with some cheese – this will take your taste buds on a fun journey. How about a pie or a cobbler? Cherries are truly diverse and they contain diverse nutrients too. They are rich in vitamin B,K, copper, magnesium and fibre. By adding them to your diet, you may improve heart health, arthritis and gout (6).

                  7. Perfect Pears

                  The perfect crunchiness of this fruit makes it so satisfying to eat. Pair it with some cinnamon, brown sugar and bake it in the oven for a truly indulgent dish! If you woke up feeling like a masterchef, give poaching a try. These fruits impart vitamins and minerals like folate, niacin and antioxidants (7). Eating pears improves gut health, lowers the risk of diabetes and reduces inflammation.

                    8. One Of The Healthiest Fruits, Pomegranate

                    Pomegranate in chaat? - Yay or nay? Regardless, these sweet fruits can be used in salads, smoothies and even some cocktails. They are easy to recognize by their deep fuschia colour and distinct arrangement inside. Pomegranate juice, apart from being oh so satisfying, has supreme medicinal properties. This fruit conveys essential antioxidants, fatty acids, fiber and minerals (8). A handful of pomegranates in your meals could reduce the risk of cancer, aid digestion, reduce inflammation and support the brain too!

                      9. Aromatic Jackfruit

                      With jackfruit, you either love it or hate it. For those who do not prefer the taste (or distinct smell) of jackfruit, there are several dishes that you can make that modify the flavour to something more palatable. You can bake them into chips, make a curry and even use it as a suitable meat substitute! Increasing the amount of jackfruit in your diet can enhance niacin, vitamin A, folate and potassium. These offer benefits for skin, digestion, blood pressure and diabetes (9).

                        Fruits make us feel right at home and when we eat them; our entire body starts to glow. Have a great Monsoon with a healthy spin and plenty of fun!

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