10 Delicious Dishes To Enjoy During Cold Wave

Ayushi Khandelwal ·
10 Delicious Dishes To Enjoy During Cold Wave

It’s freezing outside and you know it! Oh how wonderful it would feel to spend your days cuddled up with ta cherie. Since we can’t directly offer you that, we have something equally or even more exciting-Soulful Food!

Sarso-da saag:

Makke-di-roti aur sarso da saag has been popular since ages and for a good reason. Not only does it taste amazing, it has several health benefits. Mustard, also known as sarso, is one of the go to ingredients to use in winter. It’s rich in antioxidants and essential micronutrients like iron.

Almond Bhakri:

Healthy, gluten-free, filled with fibre, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. Oh and did it mention it’s succulent and bone-warming? Almonds also lowers blood sugar levels, and keeps cholesterol under check. To a water less mixture of almonds, add ghee, salt and form a dough. Use your palms to flatten the bhakri, cook it on a tawa and there you have it.


Oh the nostalgia of dad and grandma pestering you to eat chikki in winters. Peanut jaggery chikki is a traditional and delectable snack. The combination of proteins from peanuts and iron from jaggery makes it a healthy snacking option. It manages cholesterol levels, treats skin ailments, fights against nerve problems, and helps in growth and development. Don’t think twice before eating a chikki, it’ll take care of you.


The best way to strengthen your immunity is to enjoy this warm liquid prepared with bajra, whole wheat, ginger, jaggery, ajwain, and black peppercorns. If you’re low on energy, Raab will make you strong and healthy with its starch and insoluble fiber.


This Indo-Tibetian noodle soup is delicious and packed with health benefits. It increases your metabolic rate, adds energy, boosts immunity, and takes care of your gut. Thukpa also contains enough calcium to strengthen your bones. On top of all this good stuff, it is hot, yummy and perfect for winters.

Gond Laddoo:

Their aromatic taste can instantly put you in a good mood. They are especially good for nursing mothers to fight off the winter chills. Made with edible gum, gond ladoos contain heat and are useful for warming you up. Make it with ghee, flour, nuts, seeds and taste the magic.

Wheat Lapsi:

Consumed in Gujrat and some parts of Rajasthan, Lapsi is a mouth-watering winter breakfast. To satisfy that intense hunger when you want a quick fix, broken wheat lapsi is all you need. Cooked in ghee, jaggery, saffron and sesame seeds, lapsi has several health benefits. It aids digestion, is an excellent source of magnesium, reduces blood sugar levels, and manages blood pressure. Cook it for breakfast and it’ll keep you warm throughout the day.


Here’s a spicy one to ward off the winter signs and make you sweat like it’s summer again. Prepare it overnight to bring out the most flavours. The beef or chicken is slow cooked till the meat is soft and absorbs all the flavours in the broth. Nihari is the solution to fever, common cold, rhinorrhea and other such flu-like symptoms. What’s better than this on a crisp winter morning?

Whole Grain Breakfast Porridge:

Don’t screw your nose before you’ve read further! Porridge can be both healthy and umami with the right ingredients. Combine dehulled barley with whole grain oats and slow cook it with herbs and spices such as garlic, shallots, scallions, red pepper powder, cumin powder and a bit of chat masala. Tasty doesn’t have to be sweet, mon cherie!

Chilgli Chutney:

Made from red fire ants, this chutney is wildly different from anything you’ve ever had. It’ll add a hint of fire to your palate and sooth your cough and cold. The leafy nests are harvested, ants are roasted and ground with garlic, coconut and other spices. This protein-rich chutney is eaten with rice rotis and is suitable for winter.

Keto/Flaxseed Thepla:

Talk about a zero carb delicious breakfast! Flaxseed theplas have double benefits as it involves methi as well. Where might you ask? In the dough! To make keto theplas, take flaxseed meal flour and use methi water to make a dough. Making methi water is also easy and quick. Boil some water and take it off the stove. To this, add methi leaves, turmeric, red chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste and salt. Use this water to make the soft dough with flaxseed meal then flatten out the theplas with your palm to ensure they don’t fall apart. Cook it in a non-stick pan and Voila! there you have it.

What’s better than some heart warming food on these chilly winter mornings? We hope these delectable delicacies make their way into your kitchen and eventually your stomach. Do you have any other unique healthy winter recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

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