What Are Calories And A Quick Chart To Measure Them

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What Are Calories  And A Quick Chart To Measure Them

Why Does Measuring Calorie Even Matter

If stress burned calories, we’d all be supermodels. The food we consume has calories that provide us energy in the form of heat so that our bodies can function. In short, we need calories to get through life. But just as too much of everything is detrimental, excess calories can put us at risk of weight gain. To know why measuring calories matters, let’s dig deep into the concept of calories. 

What are Calories?

Whether it is having fun on a beach, lying idle on a couch, or speed walking towards the fridge, all of it requires energy. Calories are the energy providers. Calorie count alone does not determine if the food is nutritious. Food containing vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins has calories that add value to your body and hence are called nutrient-dense. Food that lacks nutrients has empty calories or is called energy-dense. 

The Perfect Balance of Calorie and Energy in a Body

A perfect energy balance helps you to maintain weight, a positive energy balance helps you gain weight and a negative or a deficit in energy balance helps you lose weight. Energy balance is the difference between the number of calories you put in your body and your energy output. 

What is the Right Calorie-Intake per Day 

Required calorie intake depends on your age and weight. A woman between the ages of 26 and 50 should consume 2000 calories per day to maintain her ideal weight. A moderately active man should consume 2600 calories per day to maintain his body weight. Use this calorie calculator to monitor your intake of calories.

Basic Calorie Counts That You Should Be Aware of

Every food has different calories and here are some of the basic counts you should be aware of:

Calories in One Egg

The calories in an egg vary depending on the size and the way it’s prepared. On average, a single medium-sized egg contains about 66 calories. If you’re planning on losing some kilos, eggs are a great food to include in your diet. 

Calories in One White Bread

One slice of white bread contains 66 calories and 256 in 100 gms. The nutrient content varies from one brand to another. Choose from the top brands to get the maximum nutrition from your white bread. 

Calories in White Rice (1 Cup)

There are 206 calories in one cup of cooked white rice. It is a staple ingredient used by more than half the world’s population. It has a chewy texture that adds substance to meals and complements cuisines. As long as you cook rice without adding oil or butter, there is no inherent fat in it. Why not get the best for your bucks by buying from the most authentic brands such as Good Food and Conscious Food.

Calories in One Cream of Wheat (3/4 Cup)

There are 83 calories in ¾ cup of cooked cream of wheat. It is often combined with milk or water topped with sweet or savoury ingredients. It is low in calories but contains many micronutrients like protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, iron, folate, riboflavin, etc. 

Calories in Oatmeal (1/2 Cup)

½ cup of regular oatmeal has 73 calories. Oatmeal comes in different varieties like steel-cut, rolled, rolled flat, and instant. We care about your health and recommend you to buy the most healthy oatmeal from brands such as True Elements and Joyful.

Calories in Chocolate Milk (1 Cup)

100 gms of chocolate milk contains 83 calories. As much as you think chocolate milk can make you fat, low-fat milk can actually contribute to the recovery. It is a protein source for muscle repair, carbohydrates source to replenish energy, and provides fluids and electrolytes for hydration. 

Calories in Yogurt (1 Cup)

A cup of full-fat yogurt contains 149 calories. It is a rich source of protein and probiotics which are needed for the proper functioning of the body. You bet yogurts can be extremely tasty and healthy at the same time. Choose from our delicious range of yogurts from brands like Again Drinkable, Basta and more!

Calories in One Apple

One medium-sized apple contains 95 calories. They are a great source of antioxidants, fiber, water, and several nutrients. It is a power food for weight loss! 

Calories in One Banana

One medium-sized banana has 105 calories. They are rich in fiber, which slows digestion and keeps you full for longer. You can eat 1 banana as per your diet for weight loss. 

Calories in Dried Dates (10)

There are 234 calories in 10 dates. They are more durable and have a shelf life of 5 years in a refrigerator. They are rich in minerals and can supply calories needed by the body. To help you in your low-calorie diet, we have a collection of dates from brands like Nutty Gritties, Delight Nut and more. 

How to Reduce Calories

To lose weight, you need to reduce calories which means watching what you eat. Other than counting your calories, here’s how you can cut down on them.

Increase your Protein Intake

Eating more protein is useful for weight loss and management. Protein fills you up more than other nutrients and feeling full can stop you from overeating. Try including high-protein foods 

in your diet and see the results. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

The more water you drink, the faster you’ll shed weight. It has 0 calories and suppresses your appetite. 

Limit Your Sugar Consumption

Sugar is the direct way to intake more calories and gain excessive weight. Your body does not need any added sugar to work healthily. Excess sugar consumption leads to obesity and many chronic diseases. Snack on these sugar-free alternatives to cut down on calorie consumption. 

Taking a Step Towards Good Health with Counting Calories

Counting calories brings awareness to what you eat in a day. This is an easy way to identify eating patterns you need to modify and keep you on track to reach your health goals. You can create a balance between the energy you take in and the energy you use. 

Just a Pro Tip!

Pat yourself on the back if you’re a home cook!. While cooking you can check the ingredients you put in and their quality. Making healthy swaps in your daily meals can also help you control calorie consumption to a huge extent. So why not go for the healthy ingredients all the time?

People who eat at home generally consume healthier meals with fewer calories.

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