Tips To Monitor And Minimize Your Stress

Ayushi Khandelwal ·
Tips To Monitor And Minimize Your Stress
Stress can have debilitating effects on the immune system. There are several healthy practices we can include in our routines to manage it. Here are some of these methods.

Stress And Immunity

As humans, our physical and mental health are linked – Stress is one of the worst enemies of the immune system.

When we have a high amount of stress hormones in our body, our immune cells (white blood cells) are not able to work effectively to protect us from invaders. This can cause bacteria, viruses and other microbes to enter our systems and cause illnesses. Stress is known to affect migraines, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Ways To Manage Stress

Meditation And Deep Breathing.


  • Prioritize Time For Hobbies.


  • Get regular exercise.


  • Get Enough Rest.


  • Have A Balanced Diet.


  • Best Products For Stress



Beat the stress and unwind with natural supplements like shilajit, chyawanprash, ashwagandha or even a warm cup of green tea from Vadham, Baidyanath, Care and more!

With the current global situation, the last thing we need is to be stressed. This makes alleviating these anxieties a top priority for us all. Inculcating nourishing habits like suitable diets with herbal solutions will help manage stress and keep our immunity high. Mindful eating, exercise and getting plenty of rest are great ways to ensure you always have your best foot forward!

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