Bromance It Out The MCU Way!

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Bromance It Out The MCU Way!

Who Is Your Bromance Buddy?

Sure you have the Chandler to your Joey, but what about Bucky to your Sam? Bromance is all around us and it is time we celebrate that wholesome love between men. This type of platonic love should be present in everybody’s life. And the MCU universe has never let us down when it comes to bromance. But do you know which bromance resembles closely yours? Let’s find out.

Spider-Man And Human Torch

From hate at the first site to BFFs? Talk about drama! Johnny rejected Spidey the first time he wanted to join the fantastic four. But when Johnny helped out Peter take down the fox to prove his innocence, they hit it off instantly to never look back. Peter kept Johnny in check and the latter had the former’s back. Do you have such a friend that you’ve known for decades who makes you a better person?

Iron Man And War Machine

Rhodey is unarguably Iron Man’s most loyal friend. However, that’s not what Tony thought in the beginning. Through thick and thin, War Machine stuck by Iron man’s side until his death. Rhodes would give it to Tony in his face without holding back and that’s what Tony appreciated. So which one of your BFF is likely to keep your legacy alive even after you disappear?

Bucky And Sam

No, you did not see their friendship blooming and neither did I. Who would have thought that the gut-hating individuals would end up being BFFs? These polar opposite personalities went through a roller coaster ride to eventually accept and even appreciate each other’s presence in and beyond Steve Roger’s Life. They even went to couple’s therapy y’all! What’s a better way to heal emotionally and show mutual respect? Who is your banter buddy you never thought you’d end up loving?

Tony And Steve

Seems like Tony is skeptical of everybody at first, isn’t he? The most famous bromance of MCU starts with hate, endless banter to having each other’s back even without seeing eye to eye. With Steve protecting Bucky and Tony learning the dark truth behind it, their friendship went through some serious damage. Nevertheless, both of them wanted to be there for each other till the end. Well, they almost kissed each other (if you’ve seen the bloopers). Do you have such a mate you respect no matter what?

Wolverine And Nightcrawler

The strongest X-men members have proven time and again that they are the strongest yet the oddest duo in MCU. Their friendship started by getting on each other’s nerves and ultimately bonding over some chilled beer. Logan only lets his guard down in front of Kurt because he knows he can afford to do so. The bromance really reels in when they have a heart-to-heart discussion on the existence of God. This duo really completes and compliments each other in every way. Can you think of someone who’s more than a bro to you?

Deadpool And Cabel

Who is your bro in all your weird adventures? Cabel is all game to put an end to life just like Deadpool. They share their overwhelmingly crazy love for Spiderman and have carefree personalities. Deadpool always wants to be Cable’s BFF more than anything. They fight then team up and the cycle goes on. Nothing screams opposites attract as much as the friendship between these two.

Thor And Hulk

In spite of being the most intimidating characters, they get along so well. We saw the best of them in Thor Ragnarok. Although their relationship is a bit complicated, they bond on the difficulty of being able to control the superhero in them. Thor ultimately plays the catalyst in enhancing Bruce’s role in MCU. Which is that one bro of yours that pushes you to get out of your comfort zone?

Captain America And Bucky

80 years of friendship. Oof, talk about a lifetime! Conversation about bromance cannot be complete without these two. From starting as Steve’s side kick in WWII to eventually becoming his BFF, their bond survived decades of ups and downs. Do you have a friend who would give you his precious mantle like CA did to Bucky?

Quicksilver And Hawkeye

This one is a bit more different than others. Quicksilver and Hawkeye’s relationship was never conventional. Though he didn’t sit and chat for ours, they had one defining line that changed everything. Neither did they see it coming nor did we. Quicksilver even gives away his life for Hawkeye and repeats that one line. Hawkeye goes ahead and names his son after Quicksilver at the end. Oof tears all over! C’mon tell us the name of such a friend who us just there when you need them to be?

Did you see yourself in any of these characters? Send this to your bro and extend all the love that knows no end. Bromance is the way to go!

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