11 Positive Quotes For Mental Health - Stop The Stigma

Shivani K ·
11 Positive Quotes For Mental Health - Stop The Stigma
We all want to see the glass as half-full, don't we? But often, this is easier said than done. At the depths of our despair, it is hard to put on a brave face and pretend like we are okay. Time like these call for a push in the right direction - And these mental health quotes are here for just that!

Staying Positive!

Positivity is a choice to accept and ultimately, transcend bad situations. On the days that feel particularly heavy, we may need a slight reminder that we are never alone in our mental struggles. As humans, we look up to those who inspire us for guidance. It is a primal instinct combined with the gravitation towards well-expressed sentiments that ring true.

We are so much more capable, beautiful and deserving of love than our self-talk has us believe. Keep this in mind while you read this list of powerful words that reveal the silver lining that comes with every stormy cloud!























Nobody is defined by their mental illnesses. Haven’t we all heard the phrase? "You cannot pour from an empty cup." On the days you wake up with a heavy heart, being stressed and irritated, get the help you need to reconnect with yourself. Addressing your mental illness and seeking professional help is a revolutionary act. Maintaining your mental well-being is a necessity. It’s important to remember that no amount of money is worth your sanity or your spirit.

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