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Sleep can directly affect your stress levels and immunity. Here are some tips to manage your sleep patterns:

Importance Of Sleep

As humans in this modern era, we are expected to maneuver several tasks at once – Having a healthy lifestyle, excelling at work and spending time with loved ones.

With all these, it can be a challenge to find time to rest. However, we must prioritize doing so. Especially with the current state of the world, sleep is an opportunity for us to let our bodies shut off and rejuvenate. With an increase in sleep studies, we are learning deeper about sleep and how it affects our overall health. Let us walk you through it

To improve the quality of sleep, here are some tips:

  • Exercise lightly.

  • Avoid mid-day naps.

  • Have a fixed sleep cycle.


  • WDrink herbal teas (Chamomile, lavender, etc.)


Natural supplements (eg: with melatonin) are another great way to induce sleep. Finding ones that work for you, especially if you have trouble sleeping is beneficial. Stay relaxed and in tip-top health with us at Cora!

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