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Alcohol and tobacco are injurious to health – this is a public service announcement that we have come across in various manners. Let us understand why by exploring the relationship between these substances and the immune system.


In movies, from our teachers and parents, we know that it is bad for us. Yet, so many succumb to illnesses directly caused by these substances.

The interactions of the immune cells with each other and foreign invaders are influenced by the things we put into our system.

  • Smoking And Immunity

    Cigarettes contain compounds like nicotine and carbon monoxide that suppress the ability of the immune system. Tobacco increases the risk of heart and lung diseases. Smoking also has drawbacks for the skin and hair. Say no to smoking and yes to healthier practices.

  • Alcohol And Immunity

    Alcohol in large quantities represses the healing of damaged cells and lowers the ability to protect the body from sickness. Both of them cause an increase in chronic inflammation that in turn affects heart conditions, digestion, etc. Drink in moderation and enjoy yourself while still keeping your well-being in mind!

Building better habits helps us build a better lifestyle.

If you find yourself turning to drinking or smoking to beat stress, you can always find better alternatives on Cora!

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