Traditional Indian Recipes That will Remind you of your Daadima

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Traditional Indian Recipes That will Remind you of your Daadima

Best Comfort Foods to Keep you Warm this Winter

There’s nothing better than authentic Indian recipes straight from your daadi’s kitchen. Let’s go back to the time of your childhood when your daadi would look over your mom’s shoulder and suggest the ingredients to be put in food. To celebrate the wisdom of daadima’s delicious recipes, we have curated the best winter recipes that would invoke nostalgia. 

Winter Snacks to Binge on

Don’t let the winter chills get to you. Gorge on these delicious quick snacks that are reminiscent of your childhood.


Running short on time? Whip up the cream of wheat upma or semiya upma for a perfect breakfast. It involves cooking roasted rava in water with vegetables like carrots, and tomatoes. You can also add fine-quality peanuts or other dry fruits to enhance the taste. Serve it with coconut chutney or sambar and enjoy the umami flavors. 

Chole Bhature

Be it Pindi chole or your classic spicy chole masala, this dish goes straight to the heart. It’s a typical Punjabi dish but you do get various versions of it across India. It is usually accompanied by a fried maida bread called bhatura. Chole is basically chickpeas that are pre-boiled and cooked in spicy tomato gravy. To make the best version of this dish, you need the finest quality chickpeas and you can get them right here.


Thukpa finds its origin in Tibet and is wildly popular in India. Northeast India makes the most delicious thukpa ever. It is a rustic and spicy broth with noodles and vegetables to keep you warm in winter. A traditional noodle soup such as this is mouth-watering and easy to make. If you’re planning on making Thukpa for supper, buy the best quality noodles to add to their charm. 

Belly Warming Meals

Snacks are amazing but they won’t fill you up, so we have the best belly-warming meals that will fill you up with love and warmth this winter. 

Dal Makhni

Age-old urad ki dal finds its remix in Dal Makhani. A popular north Indian dish, made from whole black lentils and kidney beans, requires the addition of Makhan and cream to make it buttery and delectable. 

Stuffed Paratha

Aaloo, gobhi paneer, garlic, dal, cucumber, rice,.....and the list goes on. Stuffed parathas are popular across India and every region has a different take on it. You can stuff anything you want in a wheat or a maida paratha and enjoy it’s taste with chutneys and dips.  

Litti Chokha

Ghee is the building block of little chokha and we suggest you buy the best this nation has to offer. All the way from Bihar, Litti is a dough ball of whole wheat flour, stuffed with gram flour, pulses and mixed with herbs and spices then baked over coal or wood, and then it is tossed with oh-so-delicious ghee. Having it with piping hot, spicy, and flavourful chokha is the way to go. 

Sarson ka Saag

Get ready for a dose of addiction. Sarso ka saag is a popular Punjabi curry made with mustard greens, spinach or palak goosefoot leaves or bathua, fenugreek or methi, and radish root and greens. Although easy, this recipe is a labor of love. It takes both time and patience. Eat it with the usual corn-based based flatbread called Makke ki Roti or normal Partha. 

Methi Ka Thepla

You don’t have to be a gujju to love theplas. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’ll taste just as good. Theplas are similar to parathas, only a bit thinner in texture. Methi is full of antioxidants and one of the best things to have in winter. Enjoy theplas with green chutney or achar to complement its flavor. 


Ever had the masala khichdi that you would just not stop eating? It’s usually made with rice and lentils but for extra health benefits, you can include bajra and moong dal. A simple bowl of khichdi is good for weight loss, digestion and immunity. Adding spices like garlic and onions to it would make it all the more umami and lip-smacking. Try it today with the best of ingredients. 


This time consuming, heart-stirring, traditional Gujarati dish is one of the best foods to eat in winter. You can pressure cook all the veggies along with methi muthia or choose to cook them separately. It is best served alongside aamras and poori. 

For your Sweet Tooth

Winter didn’t say no to sweets. As a sweet tooth, we understand your cravings and so we have the best options to sweeten your life in winter. 

Malai ki Kheer

The ultimate dessert bowl can be eaten both hot or chilled. A spoonful of thick creamy rice pudding, laced with the aroma of saffron, enriched with the goodness of almonds and some Indian spices. For all you people who cannot take in sugar, go for more sugar-free options to enjoy winter with healthy items. 

Til Pitha 

Assam’s favorite, Til Pitha is a combination of the chewy outer shell and sweet sticky sesame filling. They’re crunchy and warm and are a staple of Bihu. Take fine quality jaggery to make the filling and have it with a cup of coffee or milk tea to enjoy the richness of it. 

Gond aur Besan ke Ladoo

Laddoos are one of the traditional sweets of India and are available across the country in different varieties. Amongst them, besan laddoos are the most popular ones. To make it healthier, you can make them with gond and jaggery. Don’t wait for a festival to bust these out. 

Gajar ka Halwa

The famous winter halwa! Warm and gooey halwa with the goodness of carrots, ghee, jaggery, milk, and dry fruits. Topping this dessert with a variety of dry fruits is the best way to enjoy this sweet. 


Another winter favorite at your disposal. Originating in Lonavala, it quickly became a country’s favorite. You can make chikki with jaggery, peanuts, and lots of ghee. You can also choose any other dry fruit of your liking to make chikkis. 

Warmth in a Cup

We’ve talked about all winter things, but can it be complete without a beverage?

Ginger Tea

The ultimate drink for any season! If you are a tea lover, I bet your day isn’t complete without a good-sized cup of ginger tea! Loaded with antioxidants and antimicrobial qualities of ginger, a cup of tea could easily ward off the cold and cough. To make it more healthy, add honey as a sweetener instead of regular sugar. 


People swear by this decoction to cure the signs of stubborn flu. This ayurvedic home remedy can save you from that runny nose and constant sneezing. It is made with dry herbs and spices like tulsi, giloy, cinnamon, etc. 

Haldi and Dry Fruits Milk

Age-old Indian beverage known to cure symptoms of cold and boost immunity is also one of the best drinks for winter. Drink it in the morning or at bedtime and enjoy the warmth and anti-bacterial properties of turmeric with added benefits of dry fruits.

The Kashmiri Noon Chai 

This beautiful chai lives up to its name. Tastes like creamy, milky citrus, prevents heartburn and bloating because of the cardamom and baking soda content. You can drink a cup of this before bed as it contains comparatively less caffeine. Top it off with some saffron for more aroma. 

Re-Discover the Real Taste of Daadima's Recipes

Combining all the recipes is a difficult task so we brought to you, the best of the best. Going back to the roots is a way to rediscover all the forgotten traditions and nostalgic moments. This is your sign to look for goodness in the origins. 

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