4 Ingredient Eggless Sugarfree Strawberry Mousse

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4 Ingredient Eggless Sugarfree Strawberry Mousse

Delicious And Refreshing Strawberry Mousse (Eggless)

This summer dessert recipe is easy to make. The ingredients for this can be found easily in our home kitchens. We're sure your family will love it too!

Ingredients (1portion)

  • 50 gms or 4–5 Fresh/frozen strawberries
  • 100 ml or 100 gms Cream cheese or unsweetened whipped cream
  • ½ spoon fruit based sweetener (Stevia, Sucralose or Erythritol)/li>
  • Almond Cookies (Sugarfree)
  • 50gms butter/ghee

The Process

Crush almond cookies or gluten-free unsweetened biscuits and press them in your serving glassware (recommended: a round or flat based glass).

Puree the finely chopped strawberries and add the cream cheese and sugar alternately and beat with a whisk (for 15–20 minutes) or an electric beater (for 5 minutes) till it becomes light and fluffy with stiff peaks. Pour the mixture into the glass.

Finely chop a couple of strawberries. In a small pan, add butter, quarter spoon of stevia/sucralose, and the chopped strawberries and bring to boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Pour this sauce on top of the mousse.

Set it in the fridge for 30–60 mins and serve cold.

Prep & Cook Time : 15 mins
Total recipe Time : 45 mins


Avoid When : Gluten and nuts allergy

Products in Cora store : Glomin Walnuts

Strawberries come packed with nutrients and minerals. This fruit is definitely eye catching and kids are bound to be attracted to it. 

Make your kids this healthy dessert and ensure they develop healthy eating habits!

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