Effective Ways to Treat PCOS Naturally

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Effective Ways to Treat PCOS Naturally

Effective Home Remedies for PCOS

Lack of nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle are the main triggers for PCOS. You might have noticed that it’s more of a lifestyle disorder. You can take the easy route out and blame your genes. Not disregarding the role of your genes, they definitely increased the risk, but they don’t necessarily lead to a disorder. A simple change in diet, exercise, sleep and emotional balance can go a long way in managing your symptoms.

PCOS is a combination of metabolic and psychological complications, so lifestyle changes can be an important pillar in managing your symptoms naturally. In case you have not paid attention to make changes in your lifestyle, there’s no cause for alarm. You can always start now by keeping the following points in mind. Here’s a list of natural remedies for PCOS.

Can PCOS Be Treated at Home?

Yes! You can reverse the symptoms of PCOS without the chemicals. Nowadays, we are in a rush for everything. Sitting 8 hours in front of the screen with deadlines looming on us could lead to metabolic imbalances and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to deranged hormones and the subsequent symptoms of the same. Lifestyle changes and diet should be the first line of effective treatment rather than birth control pills. Clinical observations and scientific evidence support the use of herbs and lifestyle interventions to treat the symptoms of PCOS (1).

Lifestyle Changes as a Natural Remedy for PCOS

The good news for PCOS women is that while there might not be a cure, there are so many things you can do to get your symptoms under control naturally. Homemade remedies for PCOS should not be seen as a replacement for medical intervention. It is, however, an extra step that needs to be taken to avoid any further complications, especially with respect to fertility. Even if you have decided to take the natural approach, it is best to consult your physician and understand what course of treatment works better for you.

Natural Treatments for PCOS

PCOS can break your spirit and crush your confidence. You might have even experimented with all kinds of diets you read on the internet and signed up for several fitness programmes. Not finding any results and lost all hope? We get it; the frustration is real but why don’t you give a shot to these straightforward PCOS remedies for a while and see how you feel? Natural treatments might include Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS, supplements, PCOS diet, hemp oil and herbal teas. For now let’s look only at some lifestyle tips that could help you manage symptoms better.

Tips to Keep your PCOS in Check

Two mantras that are going to be repeated by your doctor are diet and exercise. When it comes to PCOS, many women assume that popping pills is enough to keep the symptoms at bay. But other aspects like unhealthy diet, poor sleep, stress, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and smoking are a strict no-no. Lifestyle remedies for PCOS, you should be making include the following.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Weight management might sound generic when you are looking for PCOS treatment and home remedies. But hear us out, most PCOS women struggle with weight due to varying factors like insulin resistance and low metabolic rate. Although this might not necessarily be true for all women. Poor management of weight might lead to obesity and other health complexities, consequently being mindful of your weight becomes all the more important. Use tricks like natural  weight loss remedies, calorie counting, exercise reminders and other fun ways to get you feeling fit and healthy.

Exercise Regularly

Get off the couch and go for that walk already. The benefits of regular exercise go way beyond weight loss for PCOS women. Cardio and strength training can equip your body to respond to insulin better. When combined with a healthy diet, exercise can keep a check on your cholesterol. Excess fat has negative effects on your estrogen. When you exercise, your body uses stored fats and, in turn, helps in balancing the hormones. It is also one of the effective home remedies for PCOS acne.

Prioritise your Sleep Hygiene

PCOS is an inflammation condition. Stress and lack of sleep are the major culprits that worsen your symptoms. I mean, who could say no to sound sleep? If the hormones at play are causing trouble to your sleep cycle - bedtime routines, journaling and staying away from the screen 1 hour before bedtime can fetch you some excellent results. Take a look at some home remedies for PCOS sleep problems.

Avoid Sugar and Junk Food- Duh!

Yes, stating facts again - in PCOS women, the hormone insulin is not used effectively. Any effort to improve your wellbeing boils down to insulin resistance as it’s the most mischievous factor among all. Since insulin is missing to enable glucose to turn into energy, it is advised to be on low sugar and low card diet. Move away from unrefined sugar and crabs and incorporate sugar substitutes and whole grains. You surely know better than to load up on junk and processed foods, try healthy snacks instead. If you have looked for Pcos hair loss home remedies, then this would be one of the prime suggestions.

Talk To Your Doctor About a Natural Treatment Plan for PCOS

Each woman is different. Some are able to manage PCOS by simple changes in their diet and lifestyle, whereas others might need a little more help from medicines and medical intervention. Do not make the executive decision that you can manage your PCOS naturally. Discuss with your physician while choosing what path of treatment would work best for you. These natural remedies could aid you along with the medication.

You needn't go overboard with these remedies, stay with the ones that bring in a calming effect to your mind and body.

Lifestyle changes only work when they are accompanied with a balance in diet and physical activity.

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