An Open Letter To Longing To Be Mama

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An Open Letter To Longing To Be Mama

PCOS and Fertility

PCOS is a common but treatable hormonal condition. The chance of conceiving with PCOS might seem difficult and might even take you longer than expected, but it is not impossible. Ovulation can still happen even if it is not predictable. If you are under 35 and you don’t have any other medical condition, with proper planning, you could get pregnant within a year and probably even sooner.

You can take control over your pregnancy with fertility-boosting measures like changing your diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise and make your body ready to create a nurturing environment for the baby. To all those longing to be a mother, we understand that it can be an emotional journey and we are right here to help you.

Open Letter To Longing To Be Mother

Dear Strong Soul,

We see you, the woman walking by another pregnant woman by the park and can’t stop wondering “When is that going to be me?”  Patiently hiding that twinge of sadness with a smile whenever your mother-in-law asks, “So when are you going to have kids?” It's not easy fighting jealousy every time a family member or a friend of yours announces her pregnancy.

You really want to be happy for her but your heart pains when you remember all the cycle monitoring, countless blood draws and too many negative pregnancy tests. You hold back tears every disappointing month with your head-spinning. Praying - “God, what can I do? Is there anything I can do to make this happen?’’

PCOS is questioning everything “Should I be eating this?” “Oh, no did I forget to take my tablet,” “what did we do wrong, I followed all the instructions this month,” “Should we consult a new gynaecologist?” Honestly, we understand that some days it might seem like torture having so much out of your control.

Another month passes with no baby on the way and you start analysing and planning what to do next, “should we try IVF”, “adoption could be an option but it’s going to be so expensive”, - You don’t care how it happens, you just want to be a mother. With your faith being tested in the hardest ways, you feel alone and feel like no one truly understands what you are going through.

No, we are not going to tell you the cliches like “This too will pass” or “You just need to trust the process”. It is going to be one hell of a journey for that baby belly and there are going to be days when all you want to do is drown your sorrows in the arms of your partner but some days you do find the little joys amidst all the overwhelming worry, anger, stress and exhaustion.

Hold your head up high because one day there is going to be little feet walking around the house, your little one will walk through the door after school, head right into the kitchen for some snacks and slumps on the couch to watch some TV.

Watching from the kitchen counter you will remember how mad and angry at god you were and the utter exhaustion you felt by constantly hoping...wishing… praying and grieving every month but you smile because it was all worth it, in the end.

I hope you know you are not alone; we see you constantly trying to stay hopeful and trying to believe. The feeling of dread while walking the hospital hallway after another disappointing visit to the gynaecologist are not going unnoticed. For all your hardest days, we are here for you. The emotional turmoil you are going through right now is not easy, and you need to get as much support as you can.

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