Why Your Daadi Keeps Asking You To Eat Almonds

Ayushi Khandelwal ·
Why Your Daadi Keeps Asking You To Eat Almonds

Your daadi wasn’t lying to you when she said almonds are the best snacks. Of course she didn’t give you a substantial explanation for it, but hey, she knew the benefits. Eating almonds everyday can help boost HDL levels, control blood sugar levels and much more. Let’s get into the “why” of eating almonds.

It Improves Your Mood

Who wants to forever sport a low, frowny, and scrunched up face? Not me! Almonds have tryptophan and amino acids which when paired with vitamin B6 converts into serotonin. And serotonin is the happy hormone that instantly boosts mood and lowers anxiety. Combine almonds with bananas or add it to a bowl of oatmeal and you’re set for the day.

Makes Your Bones Stronger

With only a handful of almonds you can give your body an ample amount of calcium, magnesium, copper, vitamin k, zinc and protein, all of which contribute towards better bone health. Let’s be stronger together by munching on almonds.

Gives You A Glowing Skin

Rich in vitamin B, E and zinc, almonds help reduce signs of ageing. Vitamin E contains antioxidants which block free radicals in the body and gives you a smooth and supple skin. Many skincare brands use almonds in the formulation of their products.

Lowers Your Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol levels are a huge problem in India. Once you’re diagnosed with high amounts of LDL cholesterol it becomes difficult to manage. The fat content in almonds help to balance the good (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and improve vascular function. Basically, it takes care of your heart better than your romantic partner.

Promote Weight Loss

Because almonds are packed with fibre and proteins, they keep you full for a significant period of time. This means that you are less likely to opt for unhealthy snacks. To shed those unwanted pounds, eat 20-22 raw or roasted almonds or convert them into a powder and add it to your porridge.

Builds Immunity

Because almonds are a great source of Vitamin E, that helps build cells to withstand damage in the body, it can help prevent heart disease, Alzhiemer’s and cancer. Remember your daadi specially feeds you almonds when you’re sick? This is why.

Controls Type 2 Diabetes

Almonds have a low glycemic index which does not let your blood sugar spike. The fibre in almonds aids in slow digestion which maintains the blood sugar levels. It reduces insulin resistance. Almonds also help to improve the metabolism of people suffering from type-2 diabetes.

Fights Anemia

Almonds along with other foods, enable the development of red blood cells. It carries copper, iron and vitamins that help produce more haemoglobin and can prevent anemia.

Treat Acne And Blackheads

The fatty acids in almonds are considered the best when it comes to treating acne, whiteheads and blackheads. When the vitamin E in almonds controls the natural sebaceous oils produced from your pores thus resulting in a pimple free, brighter skin.

Boosts Hair Growth and Controls Grey Hair

High amounts of magnesium and copper found in almonds promote healthy hair growth. Copper helps to produce more melanin, thus preventing grey hair. It also contains catalase, an antioxidant that prevents the onset of grey hair. Using almond oil reduces dandruff and improves the texture of your hair.

Adding almonds to your regular diet would be no less than magical. Daadi’s knowledge was backed by science and research that makes almonds a superfood. Let us know if you need any recipes that revolve specially around almonds. We’ll be happy to help!

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