Why Switch To Camel Milk?

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Why Switch To Camel Milk?

Health Benefits of Camel Milk and Camel Milk Powder'

Camel milk has been a part of the nomadic lifestyle for centuries. Middle eastern countries rely on camel milk too - as a supplement to breast milk. But it has got everyone wondering, can it really substitute other types of milk? Even the messenger of God (Prophet Mohammad) has recommended camel milk in his speech - hadith. Turns out the desert skies have more to offer than we thought. The camel charisma is no longer just for transport and farming, it has now become a dietary need. The world has opened its eyes to the special traits of camel milk that are not found in any other form of milk, which makes it a nutrient-rich elixir.

We are accustomed to sourcing our milk from bovine animals like cows, sheep and buffaloes. But camel milk surprised the world with its unique taste, health benefits and nutrition. Don’t be startled if you find packets of camel milk powder on the aisles of your local grocery store, probably next to the Cadbury chocolate you have been eyeing for so long. Interestingly, camel milk is eco-friendly, since the thick-skinned camel doesn’t require massive amounts of gazing areas, unlike other animals. The rumour is that camel milk is unquestionably delicious, and it tastes just like cow milk but with a tinge of salty flavour.

Health Benefits Of Camel Milk

In the harsh desert ecosystem, the camel is important livestock and produces milk longer than any other ruminant animal. Though expensive (as it involves rare and tedious domestication), camel milk is extraordinary in terms of the health benefits it possesses. They have the ability to address autoimmune response, skin health, diabetes, mental health and more.

Camel Milk is Nutrient Dense

The Popular preference for camel milk is primarily because of the nutritious component it provides. Camel milk is rich in macronutrients, especially high levels of iron and calcium. It contains a special kind of protein, namely lactoferrin and immunoglobulins. This type of protein enables better absorption of iron and other minerals in the body, supports immunity and lowers the risk of bacterial infection. Other than camel milk, this protein is only available in breast milk. The micro-sized substances present in camel milk like immunoglobulin, lactoperoxidase etc.. have the ability to break through the blood-brain barrier and carry nutrients to hard-to-reach cells.

A Safer Option for Lactose Intolerant

Good news! For those who need to eat a Lactaid chewable soon after your every plate of Mac and cheese. Camel milk has come to the rescue, so you can enjoy your nachos dip with no woe. Lactose intolerance is quite common, about 70% of the world population have become enemies with milk. Lactose intolerance is the body’s inability to digest the sugar present in milk - lactose, because of their deficiency in the enzyme called lactase. Camel milk is considerably lower in lactose and has different profiling when it comes to protein, making it tolerable for those who are allergic to cow's milk.

Camel Milk May Lower Blood Sugar Levels and Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Numerous reviews have highlighted its ability to lower sugar levels in those with diabetes. It has been used as a potential preventive remedy for diabetes. Milk itself holds insulin, which can restore the insulin and glucose levels in the blood. According to a study conducted in Rajasthan (1), camel milk affected insulin sensitivity in individuals and even proved to be beneficial in preventing and treating diabetes 1 & 2. It has been revealed to help insulin requirements by diabetic individuals and aid in stabilizing the blood sugar levels.

Camel Milk May Potentially Aid Autism

Since the early 2000s, a community of supporters have come forward in unearthing the therapeutic capabilities of camel milk in treating autism. Commonly referred to as camel milk therapy, it involves adding camel milk to the autistic person’s diet. There have been some discoveries that helped with a wide range of autism symptoms concerning speech, movement, communication and the ability to make eye contact. One of the reasons for the onset of autism is high levels of ROS (reactive oxygen species). Camel milk is high in antioxidants, which is responsible for countering the ROS levels.

An Easy Dairy Replacement

There is slow but rising trust in camel milk for fulfilling the everyday diary needs, the health benefits of camel milk are universally acknowledged. As people are regaining their awareness towards non-cow options, camel milk has created a lot of buzzes again. The spectrum of its benefits is so varied that it has something for everyone. The dairy market has become increasingly inclusive and even major brands like Amul have started distributing camel milk. Until now only traditional communities in Rajasthan and Gujarat were consuming camel milk, in recent years you can find hot shot business professionals ordering camel milk latte at your local coffee shop. You can try fun recipes with camel milk like pancakes, waffles, dips, smoothies and masala teas.

Choose What’s Best For You

Camel milk profile as the new health commodity has boosted its sales and has made it impossible to meet the demand. As the international market opened its doors for camel milk, the prices are steeping high and are not going down anytime soon. The time and resources required to source camel milk from the desert lands also add a factor to the heavy price tag. It is also good to be aware of trustworthy brands like Aadvik and Hye foods and choose camel milk powder instead, as unpasteurised camel milk could have counter effects on your health. Although it might sound like an expensive luxury, the advantages it posses can make up for it.

Ready to gather the courage to try something new? Looking at the innumerable benefits of camel milk, the advantage of it outweighs the scepticism. Every piece of information points to the ease and effectiveness of camel milk.

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