Health Benefits of Crunchy Nuts & Berries Muesli

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Health Benefits of Crunchy Nuts & Berries Muesli
Most of our Indian breakfasts are loaded with carbohydrates and fats; if we don’t keep a watch on the intake, we’re likely to put on some extra weight easily! Finding healthy breakfast alternatives that are yummier and healthier is a challenge — we agree to this hand-down!

Breakfast With True Elements Nuts & Berries Muesli


We too searched for healthier breakfast options and decided to introduce you to the world of Muesli goodness. You see, muesli on its own is a healthier breakfast alternative compared to other sugary cereals and is a popular breakfast option made of rolled oats, fresh or dried fruits, nuts and seeds. True Elements Crunchy Nuts and Berries is made of a unique combination of ingredients to satisfy your taste buds and keep you healthy. This muesli will help you kick start your day with the goodness of carbs in the form of oats, and protein in the form of nuts.

It has ingredients like jowar flakes and wheat flakes which have 50% more fiber than the usual cornflakes, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and flax seeds that are nutrient-packed superfoods and the dried cranberries which give you a sweet taste along with being antioxidant-rich in nature. It is this combination of super ingredients that makes this muesli healthy and fun at the same time.

Benefits Of Having Muesli


  • Being rich in dietary fiber, it helps improve your digestion.
  • Muesli is good for strengthening your immune system because of its rich nutrition profile.
  • If you are trying to manage weight, then eating muesli for breakfast is a great option as this will keep you full for a longer period. Say no to unhealthy binge eating with muesli by your side!, Its richness in fiber can aid in your muscle-building and in general, maintain the health of all your body functions.

Muesli is also so versatile that it can be consumed at any time! It can be had with milk or yoghurt or curd in the morning, it can be sprinkled on your salads for your lunch or you could bake muesli energy bars for evening snacks or top it on your ice creams for dessert. You can get as creative as you want with muesli!

So if we are looking for a healthy but not an ordinary breakfast cereal, then add this crunchy muesli to your diet and trust us, you will definitely not regret it.

 Some Muesli Recipes To Try


Laddoo Or Energy Balls

  • Grind muesli, almond oil, cashews and peanut butter till it becomes thick and sticky.
  • Make small balls or laddoos out of them and refrigerate them.

Blissful Bowl

  • Make your own yoghurt bowl by sprinkling some muesli on a bowl of Greek yoghurt.
  • Add some freshly cut fruits and drizzle some honey for that earthy-sweet touch.

Muesli Pancakes

  • Option 1 is to mix muesli into pancake batter.
  • Option 2 is to sprinkle muesli on your pancakes.

Go grab your jar of True Elements Crunchy Nuts And Berries Muesli and enjoy healthy food!

Muesli is an excellent breakfast options that comes with several health benefits. Opt for this nutritious breakfast and let us know if you liked it.

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