Health Benefits of Consuming Dry Fruits with Honey

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Health Benefits of Consuming Dry Fruits with Honey

Proven Health Benefits of Mixed Dry Fruits with Honey

Waking up to the nagging of my dad to have water-soaked almonds the first in the morning was an everyday routine? You feel me? Turns out our parents weren’t just doing that to annoy us. Dry fruits are packed with nutrients, essential oils and minerals. 

From Mughal Emperors to modern-day leaders, dry fruits have been a rich part of Indian history. When combined with honey, its effectiveness doubles in nature. Honey tastes delicious and is rich in antioxidants and good fats. The natural sweetness of honey and its medicinal properties adds value to dry fruits and their daily consumption improves various health concerns. 

Combining Dry Fruits with Honey

Apart from the taste, the combination of honey and dry fruits have multiple health benefits such as the following. 

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Almonds and walnuts are high in manganese, potassium,  magnesium, monosaturated fats, and dietary fibres which help in cutting down bad cholesterol. Honey has counter oxidising properties which help in flushing out toxins from the body. Eating dry fruits coated with honey may increase the HDL cholesterol in the body. 

Helps Prevent Diabetes

Excessive consumption of crystalized sugar is sure to raise blood sugar levels. Honey acts as an alternative sweetener which if consumed in a limited quantity may lower the risk of diabetes. Honey can lower the elevation of plasma glucose levels for diabetes. 

Boosts Immunity


Dry fruits and honey have antioxidant properties that help boost immunity. Since the onset of Covid, we have started paying more attention to our health and consuming immunity-boosting food. The combination of dry fruits with honey works like magic and maintains the body’s immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses. 

Cleanses Skin

What if I tell you that honey can help you reduce acne and frequent breakouts? Regular intake of this mixture can not only make your skin supple but also improve the quality and feel of it. Mix ground raisin paste with honey, turmeric and a little bit of raw milk and apply it on your face twice a week for brightness, and glow. 

Helps Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Due to the presence of good fats, honey and dry fruits can help you manage or maintain weight. Make a plate of mixed greens along with nuts and honey which will give you a jolt of energy throughout the day and also boost your body’s metabolism. 

Enhances Memory

Ever wondered why walnuts resemble the shape of a human brain? Because they enhance brain activity and aids in memory retention. In a glass of milk add walnuts, almonds, honey, and a dash of turmeric to help relieve sleep troubles and boost brain function. 

How do Dry Fruits Improve Haemoglobin Levels in our Body

Raisins and dates are rich in iron and vitamin C while figs are loaded with iron, magnesium, vitamin A and folate. For instant energy and healthy haemoglobin levels, consume a handful of dried figs, dates and raisins in the morning and before bedtime. Other dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, and grounds may also help in increasing the level of haemoglobin in the body. 

How does Honey Help with Cough and Cold?

According to WHO, honey can be used as a natural remedy for cough and cold and have little evidence of being used in a clinical setting. Though the study around this particular benefit of honey is limited, it sure helps in easing a sore throat. Buy the best honey product now to relive any symptoms of cough and cold. 

Which Dry Fruit is Called the King of Dry Fruits and Why

Almonds are called the king of dry fruits for all the right reasons. They are a powerhouse of essential fatty acids, fibre and protein. A natural source of vitamin E, zinc and selenium, almonds also promote blood circulation, increase haemoglobin levels, and reduce cholesterol. Snack on good quality almonds from Cora to avail yourself of a host of health benefits. 

How to Eat Dry Fruits and Nuts with Honey

Mixing honey with dry fruits makes it a wonder food. You can eat it as a breakfast meal, or an evening snack or even add it to milk to make a bedtime sleep remedy. Consuming these in moderation can significantly improve your health. 

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