7 Foods That Boost Women's Health

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7 Foods That Boost Women's Health
Women are more predisposed to several neurological and cardiovascular diseases in comparison to men. This gives us cause to pay more attention to the things we put into our system. Let us learn and understand which foods in particular boost women’s health naturally.

Women's Health

Hello, my gorgeous women! I want you all to take a second to ask yourself how you are feeling right now? As women, we are expected to always have our best foot forward and take care of everyone else’s needs- but what about our own? You always have to put on your own oxygen mask before you can put on anyone else’s (metaphorically speaking).

We must prioritize our health so that we can achieve all our dreams, with nothing in the way. The way we feel on the inside is always reflected on the outside so instead of forcefully changing our external appearance, why don’t we try to focus on ourselves within?

The Best Foods That Will Boost Your Health And Keep You Strong:

1. Crazy for Cranberries

A chilled glass of cranberry juice may be just what you need to freshen you up but what else does it do? This tangy berry is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties that may boost your overall immunity. Cranberries have the potential to reduce the formation of free radicals in the body which may prevent various age-related damage and preserve your heart. It can also act as a natural remedy against those pesky UTIs as the compounds in the berries are effective against E.coli, the usual culprit (1). This juice has also been reported to assist the symptoms of menopause (2).

2. Go Green- Eat Leafy Veggies

We have all been forced to eat our vegetables when we were younger. If we look at the phytonutrients and vitamins they contain, we would understand exactly why. Spinach, kale, and cabbage are some greens that are an excellent source of iron- Did you know that anemia is twice as prevalent in women? These superfoods are also rich in healthy fats, vitamin B&C, calcium and magnesium. The flavonoids and carotenoids might also help evade cancer, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes (3).

3. Egg-celent Eggs

Eggs are considered to have all the essential amino acids that can enhance your well-being. Scrambled, boiled or fried on toast, this versatile food will add choline to your diet. This may reduce the risk of breast cancer in women that consume it sufficiently. If you workout, eggs will complement your routine by helping your muscle restoration. The antioxidants in them may also ward off the signs of premature ageing so you can stay timeless!

4. Yes, Yoghurt!

Who wouldn’t dig into a lovely bowl of their favourite yoghurt, topped with delicious fruits and crunchy nuts? Indulge in this tempting delight while you acquire all the benefits for your health. Women who eat yoghurt regularly may have lesser chances of succumbing to chronic diseases. The calcium, phosphorous and vitamins in it might reduce the effects of diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease. High-protein greek yoghurt can make the ideal snack as it has been found to reduce appetite while maintaining healthy digestion. It is also a stupendous source of probiotics that reduces inflammation and uplifts immunity.

5. Tasty Tomatoes

On top of a pizza or in a salad, these fruits can be put into everything - Adding tomatoes to your meals will add a nutritious punch to your lifestyle. Lycopene, phytoene & phytofluene are dominant in it which brings you numerous advantages. Some of these include anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It has been shown that tomatoes may regulate blood pressure as well as the concentration of toxic lipids in the body. The sweet but sour flavour is sure to excite your taste buds!

6. Dark Chocolate Bliss

When that time of the month is around the corner, how many of us ladies run to the chocolate section of the kitchen? I sure do. The sugar in chocolate may have negative effects on us and when we are feeling run down, why not give our health a nudge with some indulgent dark chocolate? The antioxidants and nutrients in it may reduce the risk of stroke and heart ailments. Dark chocolate is packed with magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and phosphorus which might help in cognitive functioning as well.

7. Cinnamon-y Twist

A sprinkle of cinnamon can give so much depth to any sweet or savoury dish. Cinnamon consists of compounds that moderate blood sugar levels and inhibit Alzheimer-inducing protein that aggregates in the brain. Since women are more susceptible to this condition, this is a natural solution. It is an age-old remedy for its medicinal properties that may be effective against inflammation and cardiac disorders. Overall, it’s pretty yummy too!

We are a force to be reckoned with and when we are in full control of our bodies, together we can change the world. Rejoice and have a spectacular International Women’s Day!
Let us make the small things count, especially when it comes to our health.

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