Adventure Stories In the Indian Monsoon

Pramita P N ·
Adventure Stories In the Indian Monsoon

The Beauty Of Monsoon

The more monsoon rains arrive, the merrier. Doors of heaven open and the rain comes hammering down, the earth grows, woods are lush and farmers wait for spring harvest. Cool air creases our skin and the pitter-patter melody rings in our ears. Those monsoon evenings spent with hot tea and a good book brings a sense of wonder and joy like no other. The richness of India's monsoon brings us unexplainable comfort.

Here are some enchanting facts about the monsoon that’ll leave you more mesmerised by the rains than ever.























Are you excited about the monsoon too? Jumping in monsoon puddles and witnessing the rainbow after an afternoon shower brings so much happiness to us. The farmers reap the benefits of their hard labour and ocean winds set tranquility in all our homes. Here’s to hoping for more drought-free years.

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