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Paper Boats On A Rainy Day

One of our most cherished memories from the season is gathering the neighbourhood kids to make paper boats. Having races in the rivers and streams with make-shift boats symbolized the essence of youth and blissful innocence. Times have certainly changed but keeping the spirit of monsoon alive can be achieved right at home – with some delightful origami boats. Origami is an ancient Japanese art form that molds a rich part of its culture. It was employed by elites and samurais to make stunning designs like animals, flowers and other creative artifacts. The legend goes that crafting 1000 origami cranes will bring you good fortune. You may not find any lore on paper boats but at the very least, they are sure to guarantee a good time. Acquiring a new skill is always fulfilling for the little ones, it can help stimulate the brain and enhance cognition. Get your children, siblings or cousins on board and have a grand old time with this fusion of Japanese and Indian tradition. 


Here are two ways to make your own origami paper boat: 

The Traditional Boat

This origami boat can be made with any rectangular paper of your choice of colour. It is easy to make and actually floats on water! Aye! Captain, get ready to sail.

1. Crease The Middle Fold

Cut a piece of paper in a rectangular shape, fold the botton half to the top. Then fold the right corner to the left to create a crease in the middle. Open it up, to see the folded line.

2. Form A Triangle

Use the crease folds as your guide and fold the right, as well as the left corners to align with the middle fold. flatten the bottom to create flaps on both sides.

3. Almost There

Flip the paper over to the other side. Fold the bottom edge up in the same way. Unfold, and then fold the bottom right corner along the crease you made. Repeat on the bottom left flap.

4. Create The Bottom of The Boat

Fold the bottom edge again and separate the two halves. Flatten the overlapping flap under the right section and insert it to the left side..

5. Few More Folds

Fold one layer, to the top and duplicate it to the other side. It should look like a diamond with a slit in the half. Now open the bottom of the model.

6. Bon Voyage!

For the final steps, separate the right and the left flaps, pull them out in a shape of a boat. The triangle in the middle should resemble the sail, tighten the corners by pressing them together. Set sail captain

 2. A Quirky Version

  • Fold the paper in half. Next, fold the top and bottom of the paper such that it meets the centerfold. It should sort of resemble an envelope. 
  • Turn the two sections over to meet on the other side of the paper so they form a singular rectangle. 
  • Open the paper on one side and create a fold at the centre crease with the layered section. Do the same with the single layer. This will form a triangle shape at the top. 


      • Repeat the same on the bottom side. 
      • Fold the left side of the paper over the right and flatten. 
      • Open it up and fold the corners of the boat inwards towards the hollow part. Flatten the edges. 
      • Fold the opposite side in the same manner. You will get a hexagonal shape. 
      • Make a small fold on the top and bottom edges of your hexagon shape, in line with the crease. 
      • Open up your boat and fold the left and right edges of the boat inwards so that creases are formed on the sides. This will stabilize your model.

          If you cannot go outside, get innovative and ferry it indoors. Fill a bathtub or bucket with water and let your creations shine! This is one activity that can be done with the whole family and at the end of it, you will have savoured something invaluable - quality time. Have fun, ya’ll!

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