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Given the current global pandemic situation that we are in, most of us may be inclined to move our plans indoors where we can safely celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Does that mean we should miss out on the thrill of getting decked up and going the extra mile to enhance the romance within our relationship? Absolutely not. Make this Valentine's Day truly special with your own personal touch!

A Special Valentine's Day

If you cannot go outside to experience all the facets of love, you can always bring them to you. This Valentine’s Day, get creative with your partner in the comfort of your own home (winks).

Keep reading for some charming ideas to spice up your Valentine’s Day at home!

1. Breakfast In Bed

Surprise your better half with a hearty meal brought straight to them in bed. This starts the day off with a sweet, personal touch that is sure to make your partner smile. There are several healthy, refreshing recipes that you can make for them, adding your own sprinkle of love on top. You can even convey your feelings for your beloved with a handwritten note or a flower alongside the delightful breakfast in bed.

      2. Decorate Your Living Space

      Spruce up the place to create an intimate atmosphere for you and your significant other. Hand-in-hand, the two of you can tap into your artistic sides to design DIY projects that will showcase the love you share. These can be photo frames, aesthetic cut-out hearts scattered around the house, and even homemade baked goods (this will leave the place smelling great!). Take the time to decorate the dining table with all-things-love like flower petals, garlands, candles and whatever else sets the mood for your idea of a perfect date.

          3. Build A 'Love Den'

          Get in touch with your inner child and get cozy with your better half by building a fort out of blankets, pillows, and everything that is fluffy! Put in some fairy lights, a laptop with your favourite Netflix show and your most loved snacks. Check out the healthy ranges for you to delve into without any remorse on this day of adoration. Sometimes, we all need some downtime and this recommendation makes a snug space for you to decompress in the company of the one person you can truly be yourself with.

            4. Try Out A New Hobby

            Every day gives us a chance to gain more knowledge and Valentine’s day is no different. Whether we are learning more about our partner or ourselves, participating in new hobbies with your person is a wonderful way to do just that. Maybe there is something you have been meaning to try for a while but haven’t had the time to do it. Pick up a musical instrument, a paintbrush, a language, or anything that piques your interest. Invest time in each other to figure out what brings out the sparkle in your eyes and you won’t be disappointed.

              5. Have A Candlelit Dinner

              Turn down the lights, put on some music, and let the light of the candles enhance the ambience for the evening. You can slip into your best outfit, throw on their preferred fragrance, or do your hair and makeup in a way that will make your partner go head over heels! Cook up your significant other’s favourite meal or order in some delicious pizza and enjoy it with a glass of wine. Either way, engage with each other in meaningful conversation over this romantic setting and always pay attention to the little things that make a relationship blossom.

                Making a house a home is one of the most bonding experiences you can take part in as a couple. Therefore, this Valentine’s day, let us make it a point to deepen our relationship with our person and keep the spark alive.

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