Relieve Your PCOS With Kapiva Period Care

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Relieve Your PCOS With Kapiva Period Care
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Women’s Sexual Wellness

There are enough wellness magazines and books on losing weight and glowing skin. How often do we see the messy truth about women’s menstrual health? I’m sure all of us have been in scenarios where a woman embarrassingly grabs a newspaper-covered napkin from her bag and run to the washroom like a convict. Won’t it be great to live in a world where women can outrightly announce I’m on my period instead of “ I’m not well?”

It is important to understand that there is nothing weird about engaging in dialogues circled around women’s reproductive health. Let’s ditch the bigotry and hate towards periods and uncover some hardcore facts about the issues women face with respect to their sexual health.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, often referred to as PCOS has caused a menace in the lives of so many women. The imbalance of reproductive hormones is the root cause for irregularities of periods in women. One in five Indian women suffer from PCOS. Hormonal imbalances cause problems in the ovaries which are responsible for releasing an egg each month as a part of a healthy menstrual cycle. For women with PCOS; the egg does not develop as it’s supposed to, or may not be released during ovulation. This leads to infertility in women and also to the development of cysts that look like pearls in the ovarian lining. Most women recognise the irregularities in their period only later on - during childbearing years.

Symptoms of PCOS include:

  • Irregular periods - They may have fewer than 8 periods in a year or have often periods within the gap of fewer than 21 days.
  • Hirsutism - Having excess hair on the chin, face and parts where it’s uncommon, 70% of women with PCOS suffer from this symptom.
  • Acne - Cystic acne on the chest, back and face.
  • Weight Gain - Having difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Hair thinning - Male pattern baldness and hair thinning in the scalp.
  • kin flaps - Excess skin on neck and armpits.

Ayurveda for PCOS

While all this might sound overwhelming and scary, There are many solutions to cope with PCOS. More than 30,000 years ago, great scholars of Indian medicine carefully curated remedies to treat complex health issues with the power of the plant world. Ayurvedic practices work on the principle of balancing the tri doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Learn how to unlock your body’s healing capabilities with our Ayurvedic Health Guide. Along with the practice of yoga or core strengthening exercises, Ayurvedic juices have shown results in relieving PCOS. Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Ashoka, Lodhra, Mulethi, and Noni have effects on regulating female hormones. Food has the capability to heal or harm you, so it’s important to make the right dietary changes to promote overall health. Wouldn’t you rather be juicing herbs than popping pills? There are some amazing Ayurvedic herbs effective for PCOS.

  1. Shatavari - This Ayurvedic potent herb helps to regulate the hormones and support the ovarian plexus. It prevents the formation of cysts and improves blood flow during menstrual cycles. It helps to enhance the overall well-being of uterine and ovarian tone.
  2. Ashoka - Woman's fertility enhancer Ashoka, is a commonly recommended expert remedy for getting estrogen levels in control. It regulates the menstrual blood flow and relieves period pain. It decreases hormonal imbalances and strengthens the tone of the uterus.
  3. Lodhra - This magical herb has been shown to reduce testosterone levels and restore estrogen. It also possesses tissue building properties and helps with excessive bleeding which is linked to Kapha/Pitta symptoms like swelling, heat and cramps.
  4. Mulethi - This medicinal herb is used for many Ayurvedic preparations. It acts as an anti-androgenic compound that reduces the levels of testosterone in the body. It is also helpful for inflammation, stress and insulin resistance.
  5. Noni - This evergreen tree found in the pacific islands often grows where lava flows. Rich in potassium, it has cell building capabilities, activates the immune system, restores strength for childbirth and strengthens bone health.


Starting a healthy lifestyle can seem daunting for someone who is looking to transform their life. But it is completely attainable with the help of credible brands like Kapiva. Bringing the Indian legacies and rich traditions back to us, kapiva helps to be the healthiest version of you through the combination of Ayurveda and technology. With a great emphasis on purity and authenticity, kapiva has designed targeted products to take on the challenges of the hectic modern-day world with the power of the herbal lifestyle. The range of organic products from kapiva helps to tidy up your nutrition and adhere to a healthier lifestyle at ease.

Period Care

PCOS is slightly different from other health problems - It requires a focused nutrition plan, very specific to the diagnosis. Take control over your PCOS and boost fertility with Kapiva period care. With the combination of handpicked ayurvedic herbs by the in-house ayurvedic experts, Kapiva period care is explicitly curated for hormonal regulation concerning PCOS. It is undoubtedly reliable and comes under Ayush licence. The fusion of women-friendly herbs possesses the power to naturally balance hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It tackles other symptoms of PCOS by regulating blood flow, reducing period cramps, Improving stamina, and promoting uterine health. Kapiva ensures premium quality by sourcing the best components. Shatavari is obtained from the wild forests of Dabra, Lodhra and Ashoka barks heil from Gwalior; The hub of Ayurvedic herbs. Noni fruit extracts are sourced from Gujarat. Consumption of ‘Kapiva Period Care’ twice daily after meals has shown significant results in easing PCOS symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Kapiva Period Care help in hair growth?

Ans. Excessive hair growth is the symptom of the male hormone testosterone. Period care helps to regulate the imbalances of hormones, which in turn diminishes symptoms.

Q. How does Kapiva Period cramp help to relieve period cramps?

Ans. The ayurvedic herb Ashoka, present in the juice, helps regulate the menstrual cycle and ease the pain.

Q. What process is used to make the Juice

Ans. Kapiva believes in bringing traditional methods to address modern health concerns. This Ayurvedic Juice is made in GMP-approved facilities. It is also manufactured using naturally sourced ingredients and contains no added colours or flavours.

Q. Does Kapiva Period care help with thyroid problems?

Ans- no, period care is specifically designed to address the concerns of PCOS only. It does not help with hypo/hyperthyroidism.

Q. Does it help irregular periods?

Ans. It might show results if the irregularities are due to hormonal imbalances. As it is only a supplement and not medicine, a holistic dietary approach is recommended.

Happy Customer Stories

Here's sneak peek into Kapiva period care juice review

  • Amazingly effective - I had delayed irregular periods and after I started consuming periodcare ,I got two consecutive periods 30-32 days apart which is different from what I used to have earlier ..thanks Kapiva team
  • It is really a good product - It is really a good product. For the first time, I had my periods pain free and regular. Highly recommended!!!

If you are the 1 in 5 women dealing with these uncomfortable symptoms, do keep in mind that PCOS can be effectively treated with simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. If you recognise these symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed, we encourage you to seek medical assistance.

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