The Ultimate Self-Care Guide For Men

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The Ultimate Self-Care Guide For Men

Why Should Men Care About Self Care?

This Movember we are on a mission to shine a light on a man’s personal needs. There is a narrative going around for the longest period that self-care is feminine (Thanks! Media) but guess what? Self-care is a necessity. Calling a time out to step back, relax, and connect with yourself is just as important for men.

One more thing that restricts men from delving into self-care is the belief that going to the gym and eating healthy is all there is for self-care for men, however, that’s not the case. Aligning your emotional, physical, and mental health is what self-care is all about. Ready to unlearn your self-care routines?

Spoil your Skin

This is first on the list due to the widespread ignorance shown towards skincare. Rubbing soap and calling it a day is not exactly skincare, guys! Trade that soap with a cleanser and start googling ‘moisturisers for men’ because it's time to give your skin a boost. We promise skincare can be therapeutic. It’s high time the fear of asking for a facial at your haircut saloon needs to fade away, don’t you think? So go ahead! A book yourself a luxurious grooming session and a professional shave at the local saloon.

Take A Long, Hot Shower

Of course, it's a wonderful treat to let a professional pamper you, but you know what comes to a close second? A long, steamy shower. It can help to centre your emotional and mental state. Hot showers are no longer just utilitarian, they are a form of serene self-care. Wondering how to make your showers feel like a respite and relaxation? You can add a few extra steps by embracing aromatherapy with candles and exfoliating, massage, warm lighting all of these can make your shower the ultimate escape from the usual humdrum.

De-clutter Your Email Inbox

One for the workaholics! One of the easiest ways to de-stress is to clear out the mess. Image the numbers of your unread messages going from 10,000 to 50 or less. Doesn’t that lift a huge weight off your shoulders? Time to put on some rock-and-roll, make a good cup of coffee and start sending your emails to the trash folder. You can even go further as to clean up that computer too. The sweet emotional release of cleaning up clutter and sending unwanted files to a digital void is a whole different kind of self-care.

Say Hello To An Old Friend

Has it been a minute since you last caught up with your old pal? It’s time to knock on their DM’s to hello. The age of social media might give you an illusion that you know where your friends are or what they are up to, but reconnecting with an old friend can help break that smokescreen. Have a glee time gossiping about what happened on that school trip or share embarrassing stories from your college days. Get the ball rolling by sending them a simple hello. Go on a nostalgic road and bring back moments that defined your friendship. Be it a concert ticket tucked away in your old wallet or that scar you’ve from a wild night.

Take A Class

When was the last time you did something new? What better way to connect with yourself than doing the things you have always wanted to do. It could be a woodworking class, auto repair or guitar lessons. It could even be a childhood passion project, like learning how to write a comic book. Get on out there and make your brain cells fire. When we say a class, we don’t mean looking at a bunch of YouTube videos - Take an actual class that gets your head in a different environment and lets you be stupid in front of a bunch of unknown faces.

Whatever path of self-care you choose today, remember that it’s all about you. Taking care of yourself is a journey that should never end. Hope you have a happy time reconnecting with yourself.

Self-care is a necessity. Calling a time out to step back, relax, and connect with yourself is just as important for men.

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