Natural Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina in Men

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Natural Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina in Men

Essential Ways to Naturally Increase Sexual Stamina in Men

As much as men would like a key to the fountain of youth, having a consistent and robust sex drive is hard to achieve. Having a healthy sex drive is every man’s aspiration, but sometimes your body might not be able to cooperate towards your ambition because of various factors like stress, hormones and deficiencies. Fortunately, there are several ways you can increase your sex drive and some might be very close to your plate.

Studies have revealed zinc, vitamin B and other nutrients fuels testosterone. These can be easily supplemented through food and yes! You can increase sex stamina naturally. Men’s sex drive can also be affected by psychological reasons such as anxiety and self-esteem. Brain chemistry, of course, is quite complicated and requires intervention by a professional. If you are wondering how to increase sex stamina naturally, then you can try the below solutions to start with.

4 Best Exercises to Boost Sexual Stamina

There is no quick fix or magic pill for lower sex drive, only healthier corrections. Unhealthy eating, stress and a sedentary lifestyle all contribute to a lower sex drive. There are some exercises to increase stamina in bed without pills.

Weight Lifting

You know it’s obvious, right? People who go to the gym are better at sex. Even the scientists back it up (1). If you are already into fitness, then making a few tweaks to your routine is all there is to do. Strength training maximises your testosterone producing potential since low testosterone is one of the reasons for libido. Lifting weights can help to up your sexual pleasure. Who knew weights were the answer to increasing stamina for sex.


Yes, it’s true! Strengthening your pelvic floor is key to a more intense and long-lasting sex drive. Tightening your pelvic muscles helps to flood your groin with blow flow. Not only does it help to delay ejaculation, aid bowel movements and urination, but it gives a helping hand to mind-blowing orgasms - now who doesn’t want that? Let’s not forget that for kegel exercises to work it needs to be practised consistently on a regular basis.


There’s no debate that yoga comes with a lot of positive effects on the mind and body and sexual health was on the list too? Turn into a master in bed with better desire, arousal, orgasm, and lubrication. How? You ask - Yogic postures make you supple and relaxed, allowing your body to function at its best during arousal. Yoga three times a week can help you give flexibility for sexual positions, better arousals and orgasms.


Swim your way to better sex. Swimming is a wonderful exercise that gives you a great sexual experience. Swimming is a well know and low-impact exercise that gives your whole body a workout, along with being great for your sex life. It also helps you to de-stress, improve posture and so much more. Swimming is a fantastic workout routine for your pelvic floor. It also heightens the sexual experience by de-stressing the body when there is pressure to perform.

4 Effective Food Items and Nutrients to Increase Sexual Stamina

Ever wondered, is there something you can eat to crank up the heat in the bedroom? These aphrodisiacs will do the trick. Here’s a list of foods to increase sex stamina.


It’s time to plan a date in your favourite Chinese restaurant for you and your partner to binge on seafood. Studies have shown that seafood has its benefits in increasing sex drive. It revealed that couples who eat fish regularly have better intimacy than those who don’t. For those trying to conceive - eating seafood increases the chances of getting pregnant as well as in semen quality and ovulation. Unfortunately, the studies couldn’t conclude the cause and effects of it. Sorry vegetarians, we still don’t know the plant-based alternative for this. Oyster is one of the major food to increase sex stamina (2).

Red Meat

The carnitine and arginine present in red meat are what makes it a good companion for your sexual pleasures (3). The zinc in red meat also gives a boost to your testosterone levels. When all of these nutrients add up, it leads to better libido prevention. Zinc, especially which is the most important fertility nutrient, is present in abundance in pork and beef. Vegetarians can rely on legumes, seeds, nuts, oats and tofu for zinc and for carnitine - whole grains and dairy products.

Nuts and Berries

Have a better sex life by munching on nuts and berries. The strongest conclusion offered by science to date is that eating nuts as a part of the Mediterranean diet provides several benefits, orbiting around sexual performance and immunity. Consuming 60 grams of nuts and berries daily has been shown to improve sexual function by affecting orgasm quality and boosting desire. You have a great number of  nuts and berries to choose from - walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnut, blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry.

Flavonoids and Zinc

Flavonoids are usually found in citrus fruits, chilli pepper, berries, apples, grapes, spinach, dark chocolate, onions. Flavonoids are usually found in plant-based foods that are anti-inflammatory and antioxidants - all of which help to keep the blood flowing and a healthy sex drive. Zinc is the primary nutrient responsible for regulating testosterone levels. Zinc isn’t stored in the body, so dietary intervention is essential. Zinc supplements or zinc-rich foods must be added to the diet.

Frequently Asked Question on Sexual Stamina

Which Drinks Boost Sexual Stamina?

    • We all know why milk is given to new weds on their first night. Milk is an aphrodisiac - along with it falls aloe vera juice, pomegranate juice, banana juice or you can even try supplements for better sex drive.

How Can a Man Stop Ejaculating Early?

How to Increase Sexual Stamina Physically?

    • You can improve your sexual performance with a number of exercises like kegel, weightlifting, pelvic lifts, full plank, lunges.

Does Masturbation Increase Sexual Stamina?

  • The short answer to that is yes! Masturbation helps to last longer in bed by releasing the sexual tension. Primming yourself for future pleasure through stress release.

Changed Lifestyle And Habits For Increased Sexual Stamina

Sexual arousal is dependent on overall health too, along with foods to increase stamina in bed. There are a few lifestyle changes that can help with a better sexual drive.

Smoking and caffeine - Both of there are vasoconstrictors which means they have properties to narrow the blood vessels which can cause damage to the veins in the penis.

Exercise - Regular physical activity helps to release a sex hormone called endorphins and also improves body image that helps men to feel better.

Reduce stress - Stress is one of the major contributing factors for low sexual drive. Stress management techniques like meditation or slow breathing can reduce performance anxiety and provide a better mental state for arousal.

Sleep - It goes without saying that sleep is important. Sleep deprivation has shown positive correlations with lower sexual drive.

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