5 Shilajit Benefits for Men - Ayurveda at Rescue

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5 Shilajit Benefits for Men - Ayurveda at Rescue

Shilajit Benefits for Men

Shilajit is a multi-component Rasayana with wide-spectrum health benefits. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine used Shilajit for preventing health issues and improving the overall quality of life (1). Basically, Shilajit is a blackish-brown coloured resin that deposits on the rocks especially in the Himalayas and Hindukush Mountain ranges in India (2).

This is collected when the snow melts and powdered to use as medicine. Shilajit contains two important bioactive compounds – fulvic acid and humic. It is also rich in a variety of nutrients and antioxidants (3).

Benefits Of Shilajit For Men

Shilajit has been used to treat sexual weaknesses in ancient medicinal practices. It exhibits health benefits like improving fertility, balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and increasing the physical strength of the body (4). Specifically, males can leverage many health benefits of Shilajit for sexual, physical, and mental health.

Improved Physical Performance

Research says that Shilajit may be used as a revitalizer to improve physical performance. Consuming Shilajit might help your body relieve stress and enhance the energy production process (5). It might also promote natural muscle growth and increase muscle strength. Thus, it might increase your exercise performance and pace up the muscle recovery post workouts.

Improved Sexual Performance

Shilajit has been recommended by Ayurveda practitioners for improving sexual performance and increasing libido (sex drive) among males. The supplement may raise testosterone levels in the body that might enhance stamina and sexual performance among males.

The Research Behind The Fact!

A clinical study was performed on males falling in the age group of 45-55years. They consumed 250mg of Shilajit twice a day for a period of 90 days. The results showed that there was a significant increase in testosterone levels of the participants who consumed Shilajit as compared to the people who didn’t take the supplement (6). Healthcare experts also prescribe Shilajit tablets to treat issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Powerful Adaptogen

Shilajit is known to revitalize physical and mental energy. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and adaptogenic (stress-relieving) properties. Thus, it might play a role in relieving overall stress and fatigue from your body making you feel physically and mentally energized (7). Consuming Shilajit may also reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety to a certain extent.

Treating Infertility

Sperm quality, volume, and motility are some of the important factors that determine male fertility. Regular consumption of shilajit may improve all of these aspects that might contribute to enhanced male fertility (8).

What Does The Research Say?

A clinical study was conducted on 60 infertile male participants. They were asked to consume 100mg capsules of Processed Shilajit twice a day for 90 days. At the end of the trial, there was an increase in their sperm count, mobility, as well as testosterone levels (9).

Helps in Treating Spermous

Spermoruia is a condition where sperms are present in the urine of males mostly caused due to retrograde ejaculation (a condition where semen enters the urinary bladder during ejaculation). This might lead to male infertility in long run. Regular consumption of shilajit might help you with treating this condition (10).

How To Use Shilajit To Get Health Benefits For Men?

Shilajit is available in liquid and powdered form. You can also find shilajit capsules that contain processed Shilajit. Here is how you can use these products:

a. Shilajit liquid:

Take a portion that resembles the size of a rice grain. Dissolve this in milk or water and consume it twice or thrice a day.

b. Shilajit powder:

Take 2-4 pinches of the powder and mix it with warm water or milk. Consume this drink twice or thrice a day.

c. Shilajit capsules:

Shilajit capsules mostly contain processed Shilajit. Ideally, if you are consuming 100mg capsule, taking it with warm water or milk twice a day can help you get all the health benefits of Shilajit.

Things To Keep In Mind

Although it’s safe to consume 300-500mg of Shilajit every day, you should consult your doctor/physician/dietician before taking Shilajit.

The supplement is reported to be safe but if you are getting the side effects like rashes, increased heart rate, or dizziness, consult your doctor and reduce or eliminate Shilajit from your routine (as per the instructions).

If you are suffering from health conditions like sickle cell anaemia, hemochromatosis (too much iron in the blood, and thalassemia, you might be allergic to Shilajit. Consider a doctor’s opinion before taking the supplement in such cases.

Lastly, it’s also essential to check the purity of Shilajit. It may contain heavy metals or other such contaminations. Hence, while purchasing Shilajit online or offline, you should always check for the purity of the product.

FAQ On Shilajit Consumption

  • How long does it take for shilajit to work?
  • Ans. Different people respond differently to shilajit, some people can feel the impact in less than a week while some start noticing after 2-3 months. It’s important to keep in my that shilajit heals the body furtively.

  • Can Shilajit be taken at night?
  • Ans. Taking a pea size amount before breakfast on an empty stomach is recommended for maximum benefits but it can be taken just before sleep too.

  • Does Shilajit increase testosterone?
  • Ans. Yes! Many studies have shown an increase in testosterone after 90 days of usage (10)(11).

  • Is Shilajit a steroid?
  • Ans. No, buying it from reputable and trustworthy brands ensures that it is 100% pure. Shilajit is a natural mineral found in the Himalayas, it is natural and Ayurvedic.

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