11 Stereotypes Men Are Tired Of Hearing

Pramita P N ·
11 Stereotypes Men Are Tired Of Hearing

For crying out loud, patriarchy has not spared men either. From forcefully taking responsibilities to not being able to wear a certain colour, the societal norms do not let men breathe. The shackles of gender conformity are tight enough to imprint lifelong scars. Indian culture is no different when it comes to stereotyping men based on beliefs that can only be called nonsensical.

Don’t Cry Like A Girl. Man Up!

Heard that way too many times, haven’t you? Men have and should have all the freedom to express basic emotions. Yet they are subjected to this ever condescending idea that crying is a feminine trait.

Why Are You Drinking A Cocktail? Drink Whiskey Bro!

God forbid if you order a cocktail instead of hard liquor you’ll have a hard time for the rest of the night or even months after. Drinks are drinks. Period. Each person has a different taste and to be forced to drink something you don’t enjoy just to prove your manhood is utter rubbish.

Don’t You Watch Football/Cricket?

Are you even a man if you don’t watch sports like there’s no tomorrow? Yes, yes you’re still a man. You can like rom coms more than serious documentaries or Olympic events. Just like all women do not have to hate sports, all men do not have to like it.

You Do Skincare? Are You A Girl?

Applying sunscreen regularly, using products to maintain healthy skin makes you a smart person who exhibits self-love. There’s no reason why skincare shouldn’t be a part of your daily routine. Ironically, we live in a society that thrives on physical beauty, yet we discourage self-care activities that men practice.

How Can You Wear Makeup?

Please wear makeup if you want to. Wear it loud, wear it subtle, wear it unique, just wear it however you like. Makeup is a personal choice and men get shamed for even applying lip balm. What are they supposed to do? Let their skin get damaged?

Just Take One Drag Man!

That one drag will suddenly change you from a boy to a man. Sentences such as these are usually spoken by people perpetrating toxic masculinity. Take that one puff of smoke and see if you really want to do it. Know the consequences before starting any such habit.

Learn To Wear Pants In The Relationship

How can you let your partner talk like that to you? Show her who’s the man. Don’t let her control you. Sounds familiar? Relationships are between two people and no third party should have a say unless the fights go out of hand. If having an ambitious partner makes you insecure about yourself, then there is something that you need to address within you.

You’re Skinny Like A Girl

Body-shaming is not okay, no matter what, where, or who does it. Nobody deserves to be in a space where they aren’t comfortable being themselves. The culture of physical perfection portrayed in the media cannot be farther from reality. Gaining or losing weight can have many reasons and is not something to be ashamed of.

All Men Are The Same

Ugh! Not again with this one. No, all men are not the same. Although women have dealt and continue to deal with certain categories of men that are a pain to society. But hey, there are some pretty good people out there getting a bad rep because of the handful of individuals.

How Can You Like Other Guys?

Liking somebody of the same gender does not make you any less of a man. Although we’re coming to terms with accepting nonbinary identities, there’s still a long way to go. Many ‘macho’ men argue and bully individuals for something as innocent as having feelings for a fellow man. This toxic masculinity is eating away the ever-evolving parts of society. It is nothing but a swamp.

A Man Without A Beard Is Not A Man

Every teenage boy must have heard it once while growing up. Some men still hear it every once in a while. Not being able to grow facial hair could be absolutely natural or due to many other medical factors. Shaming or joking about this does not make it cool. Even though it has got nothing to do with their gender, it could definitely make them think twice about it.

Quitting Your Job? Who Will Feed Your Family?

The intense pressure to take care of one’s family bears heavily on almost all Indian men. It’s like an age-old tradition that shames you for being independent. As long as your partner or someone who is dependent on you is supportive of your decision, it doesn’t matter what others have to say about it. Men should be able to breathe and pursue their dreams without such judgment and pressure.

Gender stereotypes have got to stop. They adversely affect our thoughts, behaviors, and decisions. Living your life your way does not sit well with society. It tries to fit you inside a box of expectations and demands. It’s high time we step up, take charge of things and free ourselves from obsolete biases. .

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