Christmas Dinner Spread Ideas

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Christmas Dinner Spread Ideas

If you are wondering how you could achieve that, we’ve rounded up some easy-peasy Christmas dinner table setting ideas that are bound to catch the eye of your guests. Read on and get inspired

Christmas Magic

The Christmas dining table that stands out will not only impress our guests but it’s also an opportunity for us to wear our creative hats and show off our creative skills. Of course, the Christmas dinner menu is important but how your table looks when you’re serving the food is also very important. Setting up your dinner table is all about playing with the right color palettes and including DIY decorations such as handmade table runners, floating candles, striking centerpieces, or even name cards.

Decking up your Christmas dinner table doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult, or even time-consuming.

1. Origami Christmas Napkin

We all must have heard about the Japanese craft called origami which simply translates to folding paper. This art of paper folding which is closely associated with Japanese culture can be used to fold napkins for your Christmas dinner table as well. There are plenty of tutorials available online with which you can fold your dinner napkins into the shape of a Christmas tree. You are bound to wow your guests with this creative Christmas tree napkin folding technique. You will need some linen napkins to get started with this.

 2.  Bring The Feel Of The Woods To Your Table

What better way to bring in the feel of the woods to your dinner table by shifting your Christmas dinner table outdoors. Large pine cones, fresh greenery, and a rustic wreath chandelier that hangs just above your dinner table — you will feel the vibe of the woods instantly with this! There is no hard and fast rule that holiday tables need to be decorated in holiday themes only. This natural outdoor setting will make for a perfect Christmas dinner if you live in a region with a tropical climate. Light the table up with some candles and you’re ready to host!

3. Get Majestic By Going Indian  

What is it that makes Indians stand apart from the rest of the world? It is their majestic way of living and celebrating life! If you love elephants and all things Indian, then set your Christmas dinner table up with some elephant figurines and deck the table with bright colored flowers. Oh, let’s not forget that the elephant décor will add royalty to your table as well.

4. Go Classic With Gold

In front of gold no other color or even a color palette can stand out, do you agree with this? If yes, then you need to take the gold way to decorate your Christmas dinner table. You don’t need actual gold to do this, just DIY gold-colored cutouts of reindeer, Christmas tree, snowflake, jingle bells, etc. will be enough to turn your Christmas dinner table into a golden abode.

5. Write A Message On A Chalkboard

There can be no power like the power of words; it immediately makes you feel all kinds of emotions. What better way to let your guests know how much this particular Christmas gathering means to you than to write a heartfelt message on a chalkboard and set it up on your table? If you don’t want to take the emotional route, you can as well write some funny captions to keep the spirit of the gathering hearty.  

6. Candles Galore

If there is anything that fills an instant aura in a space, it has to be sheer light. Therefore, amplify the welcoming vibe of your Christmas dinner table by decorating it with all kinds of candles right from candlesticks to tea light ones.

7 There Can Never Be Too Many Flowers

Flowers have the power of uplifting people’s moods and reduce any signs of stress in them. The very sight of a beautiful flower arrangement amplifies the positive energy of the room and helps people feel relaxed. Decorating your Christmas dinner table with flowers will add the color quotient along with a mild natural fragrance that will make your guests feel happy and delighted.

8. Winter Wonderland

Keep the Scandinavian spirit of Christmas alive by decorating your Christmas table in all things white and frost. Set up a small white Christmas tree in the corner of the table. Decorate the table with white and silver accents. You can make use of miniature marshmallows and monochrome décor accents to set up the snow-dusted scene.

Keeping the above-mentioned ideas in mind, plan your Christmas table decorations with ease. Create your version of a perfectly merry dinner table this Christmas for your guests. Merry Christmas y’all!

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