Wholesome Keto Snacks That Will Help To Stick To Your Diet

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Wholesome Keto Snacks That Will Help To Stick To Your Diet
Whether you want to test your crafting skills or you want your kid to make a paper cut out for a DIY Christmas charm — it is going to be aesthetically a fun crafty experience for you and your children. Who knows, making Christmas charms along with your kids might be the next new Christmas tradition in the making. Read on to get inspired.

Christmas With The Family

We all feel a sense of sheer joy and celebration when December knocks on our doors for it is the season of holiday and cheer! Oh, and let’s not forget that it is also the season for gathering around the tree, the Christmas tree. There is no doubt that buying decorations for Christmas is convenient, but when it comes to arranging the Christmas tree and adorning it with all things sweet and unique, everyone knows that it is the home-made Christmas charms that are the best way to ensure that your Christmas tree at your house is full of holiday cheer and heart. Also, it makes for a very interactive Christmas activity for the entire family, especially the kids.

That’s exactly why we decided to round up a list of best home-made Christmas charms with ideas that revolve around kid-friendly crafts.

1. Illustration Paper Charms

Kids love to draw and fill their drawings up with colors. Ask your little one to draw and paint their favorite Christmas charm. It could be a reindeer, Santa Claus, or gingerbread cookie. You can also outline and give them to color according to their heart’s content. Assist them in cutting them out, pierce a hole, and add a thread to hang it on your Xmas tree.


2. Rudolph Charms

Rudolph is a Christmas character that is loved by all kids. You can help your child make a tree charm keeping Rudolph’s character in mind. Make a plush toy or even a cookie in the shape of Rudolph and deck your Christmas tree with it.

3. Mask Angel Charms

The novel coronavirus might have stalled your Christmas holiday getaway with the family. But don’t let that stall your Christmas spirit. This unique and easy to make angel with the help of just two surgical masks makes for an ideal Christmas charm keeping the pandemic in mind.

4. Sea Shell Charms

If you live in a beach town, then making this Christmas tree charm will be a piece of cake for your kid. Just paint sea shells or keep them in their original color, stick a thread loop with the help of glue on it and decorate your Christmas tree.

5. Stitched Cloth Charms

Colorful cloth materials are easily available. Cut them out in any size, for example, in the shape of a tree, Santa Claus, snowman, etc. Stitch them together by stuffing cotton inside them. Voila! Cute little handmade charms are ready!

6. Hand-Painted Charms

There is some beauty about hand-painted decorations, isn’t it? It speaks of a creative story! Let your child paint the regular ball charms to the fullest of his or her imagination. The outcome will surely spell-bound you!

7. Crochet Handmade Charms

If your grandma taught you how to crochet with the needle and some yarn, it is time for you to pass on this tradition to your kids too. Let them learn how to crochet, for it is an art that is dying in our present times. Let them get creative with their crochet designs.

8. Pine Cone Charms

Pine cones are one of the traditional symbols of Christmas and also one of the very first traditional Christmas tree charms. Let your kids give the plain pine cones a new avatar by either painting them or decorating them as they fancy.

9. Twig Charms

Practicing zero waste is the need of the hour to save our planet. How about teaching your kids about it this Christmas Eve? Help them make the symbolic Christmas star by picking twigs from your backyard or your garden. You’re making the best use of the natural elements around you for your Christmas tree décor.

10. Spice Xmas Tree Charms

In case you didn’t think it was possible, this particular Christmas charm smells better than it looks (winks). On an ice cream stick, glue cinnamon sticks in size and order that it looks like a Christmas tree. Add in the details or accents with other crafty tools like glitter. Your scented Christmas tree charm is ready!

11. All-Things Natural Charms

If you are a sucker for a strong spice smell with a citric touch, then this Christmas charm made of a dried slice of orange along with star anise will make for an ideal Christmas tree charm. You can teach your child about how to protect the environment, recycle, and understand the zero waste concept with this charm too.

The more personalized these handmade Christmas tree charms are, the better they will look. There can be no better way to keep the Christmas tradition going strong within your family than to indulge and teach your kids about Christmas decorations, isn’t it? Merry Christmas everybody!
Wholesome Keto Snacks That Will Help To Stick To Your Diet

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