The 9 Best Keto Snacks

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The 9 Best Keto Snacks
Following a ketogenic diet can be very taxing as it is very difficult to find healthy keto alternatives to your regular foods. Making smart food choices is key to a keto diet. keto provides a lot of fun options for daily snackig. Read on and get introduced to 9 Keto Snacks that will help you follow a ketogenic life easily!

Making The Right Choices In Keto

If you have chosen the keto life, you may be grasping at straws when it comes to snacking. Unfortunately, most store-bought snacks like regular trail mixes, potato chips, pretzels and ice cream (Not ice cream!!!) are high in unhealthy carbohydrates. This makes them unsuitable for keto diets. Does this mean we have to sacrifice our most loved comfort foods? Finding a perfect balance between 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs can be tricky- luckily, we have a few tricks of our own. Taking the time to find low-carb alternatives can be vexing so we are here to make your life that much easier with these keto-friendly alternatives – they are perfect to keep your energy levels up throughout the day and on the go! You may mix and match these healthy but appetizing foods to create some snacks that are entirely YOU.

These are the low-carb snacks that you should try out:


1. Veggie Sticks With Nut Butters

This snack recipe is fun, versatile and meets the criteria for your low-carb diet. Use celery or colourful bell peppers (capsicum) for an interesting crunch along with keto-friendly nut butters. You can use use peanut butter or almond butter to add a sweet and salty element as well. Add 2 tbsp of the nut butter to the vegetable of your choice, cut up into sticks. If you want to take this treat to the next level, you may sprinkle some basil or chia seeds. This snack is pumped with sufficient fiber, protein and nutrients to ensure you stay fired up between meals.

2. Healthy Cookies

Stock up your cookie jar with nutritious alternatives that will still keep you satiated. Try some sugar-free options that are still delicious. Many keto-friendly brands offer healthy cookie options made from coconut, chocolate and nuts. One such brand is ADOR Health, that makes low carb snacks out of wholesome ingredients and natural sweeteners. Indulge in your sweet cravings without the awful cavities!

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a luscious sweet keto-safe snack. Free from refined sugar, you can enjoy the benefits of antioxidants and minerals without the stress of excessive carbs. You can explore varieties that have greater than 70% cacao – this can be spread out evenly in your week.

4. Keto Namkeen

Instead of the sugar-ridden mixtures we usually encounter, we can opt for a namkeen that is better for our health. There are several versions of this beloved desi snack that are made with good ingredients like super seeds which are low in carbohydrates.

5. Greek Yoghurt

walnuts on top for an enticing, sweet snack.

6. Low Carb Khakra

Looking for a crispy, almost melt-in-your-mouth snack? This Ultra Low Carb Khakra is ideal for your dietary goals. It is made with nourishing seeds and real ingredients. Avoid the impacts of sugar with this portable khakra.

7. Nuts and Seeds

Granola is a no-no when it comes to a keto diet - this leaves most carbo-loaded trail mixes out of reach. Switch this out for healthy trail mix options with organic components. You can even skip the grains entirely and consort a mixture of salted peanuts, almonds and your favourite seeds. Add some sugar-free cranberries for a touch of sweetness and you are good to go!

8. Avocado Egg Salad

Both avocados and eggs are a potent source of healthy fats, ideal for ketosis. You can boil the eggs and place them on top of a bed of leafy greens with sliced avocado. It is creamy, rich and filling as well. Garnish with chia seeds and dry fruits that are safe for this diet – It is heaped with essential nutrients that benefit health and wellness. Whip out your fork and dig in!

9. Keto-Friendly Beverages

Sometimes with all the salty sides, you might need something to quench your thirst. Most sodas are plagued with sugar and it can seem dire to look for something that meets your standards. We have an innovative solution with these drink mixes from D’Alive. From hints of floral to sweet and spicy, there is something for everyone.

Take control of your diet and achieve all your fitness goals with ease! You can also use these snacking suggestions when you wish to cut calories or if you want to sneak some healthy goodness into your loved one’s lunch boxes. Have fun with it and you will truly embrace this path you have embarked on with your food choices.

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