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by Shanice Miranda, Cora Health. 

There is nothing more valuable than our health. Wouldn't you agree? After all, it is the one thing that enables us to do all that we desire in this lifetime. Especially during these uncertain times, it is increasingly important for us to take care of our immune systems - Not just for us, but also for the loved ones around us. It is always better to go deep into the micro-scale of the body to tackle the things that may be causing issues in our defenses. Over-the-counter medication often targets the symptoms and not the root cause. When each of us is so special with our own set of health issues, taking control of our diets, exercise and general habits may be the best method to keeping these infections at bay. So, make sure you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals right!  

Here are some of the best natural immunity boosters for you to try out: 

Immunity-Boosting Foods: 

Food is an area that most of us have control over and the more we incorporate wholesome fruits and vegetables, the better our immune system’s foundation becomes. Nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds are crunchy and delicious, while still providing superb benefits. These gifts of nature like spinach, avocados, broccoli and turmeric are stacked to the brim with the nutrients our bodies can absorb easily. Here’s a quick download of some immunity foods to keep in mind: 

  • Berries - Rich in antioxidants  which keep your cells safe from damage.
  • Super seeds - Good source of protein, which form the building blocks of your white blood cells.
  • Citrus fruits that are high in vitamins like vitamin C and D -which promotes the production of white blood cells and strengthens your defense system.
  • Nuts are high in vitamin E that helps regulate the immune system.
  • Herbs like amla, triphala, etc. - Contain minerals like zinc, folate and potassium - that keep the immune system running optimally.
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach are rich in iron - Necessary for blood flow, to transport the white blood cells.

Yes, we probably sound like your parents telling you to eat more greens, but we promise it will be worth it! Some of the other foods you can add to your diet are dates, dry fruits, cacao and more. You can even put your own spin on it and use tasty trail mixes with yoghurt to create smoothies and parfaits. 

Supplements and Natural Pills for Immunity: 

Supplements can be an efficient, easy-to-use way of getting the micronutrients you need. Find the ones that are formulated with few organic ingredients and free from harmful sugars and preservatives. Using natural protein powders, tablets, and capsules helps their consumers to pinpoint what benefits they wish to gain.

For example, if you need to improve your bone strength, calcium supplements would make a great option. Specific extracts like Shilajit and Giloy can also be employed to enhance immunity. Regularly taking them (as advised by your doctor) will prevent coughs, colds and other infections. 

Teas For The Immune System: 

Put the kettle on and stimulate your blood flow with some hot tea! There is a whole range of teas to choose from – Black tea, green tea, white tea and herbal teas. They have useful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidants for health. Tea is enriched with bioactive components that amplify immunity.

Ginger, chamomile, tulsi, moringa, turmeric and other such herbs and spices are used to pack in both flavour and all the components to uplift immunity. You can add a sweet flair to it with honey and cinnamon too. Drinking tea is a common experience for most Indians and having a cup a day may keep the microbial invaders away! 

Herbal Solutions For Immunity:

Ancient Ayurvedic practices have observed food as a medicine to create balance in the body and elevate immunity. The numerous herbs and spices involved in this type of diet are heaped with vitamins and minerals that reduce the risk of ailments. Aloe Vera, Chywanprash, Shilajit extracts, tulsi, and giloy drops are some of the best therapeutics from plants. 

If you are not a fan of extracts, health juices like triphala juice, noni juice and amla juice (among a wider collection) can be drunk instead. Exquisite spices like saffron can be added to your regular dishes to create harmony within your body. They all have incredible effects on physical and mental health as well. The mind-body connection is an important part of stabilizing the immune system too! 

The process of staying healthy is something built up over time. It may take some trial and error but research is your best friend when it comes down to it. Experiment with brands that sell clean products, with organic, chemical-free elements which strengthen you from within! 






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