Cora — The Journey Of A Brand To Simplify Wellness

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Cora — The Journey Of A Brand To Simplify Wellness
“We live in an age of information — with a billion voices giving a billion measures towards better health. Unfortunately, the same world has an escalated number of lifestyle diseases. In context, 150mn people in India today have a disease directly impacted by lifestyle, and not even 50% of them seek help. In our endeavour to solve this, we discovered multiple underlying reasons — and realised that a personalized and gradual approach to bettering lifestyle was the only way we saw ahead. That is when we embarked on our journey to become a friend who simplifies this personalization”

Where We Come From

Cora was birthed with a simple vision — personalized health solutions for different lifestyles. In India, there are a large number of companies, organizations and experts who will be able to tell what the books say about being healthy. However, very few understand where lifestyle diseases come from without labeling people as being demotivated.

As we worked with helping people, we realized that people need a sympathetic friend and achievable goals, instead of generic voices asking them to quit sugar or follow patterns.

What We Know

As we started focusing on one disease — diabetes, arranging one-on-one personalized interactions and diet plans for our audiences, we uncovered a lot about the reasons for lifestyle diseases. To give context, one of our community members was a diabetic mother. She knew what she had to do in terms of diet, but she could not prioritize her diet plan over her childrens — and so continued to make food for her children. Another thing we noticed was that although a lot of our community was health conscious, a common thread was the fear of a restricted lifestyle becoming the norm. Further research indicated that there were about 50mn women above 35 who were health conscious but couldn’t find time or the motivation due to other priorities.

This led us to realizing that besides all the solutions that focus on the disease, there needs to be a new approach that equally focuses on resolving the causes.

And thus, we made the decision to Pivot and we are excited to share with you that Cora has transformed into a platform for health & wellness.

What We Do

Today, we understand that each person has her or his own wellness journey which is not just limited to the food they eat or the weights they lift. It is a product of the responsibilities they hold and their comfort zone. It is impacted by the smallest of things like the oil they use to cook or the things that they snack on.

Today, we believe that if we can create platforms that enable people to choose challenges and goals and connect with like minded people, we will be able to come up with a sustainable solution to an pertaining problem.

With this in mind, we work toward creating solutions, finding products and ideas that are almost a support system to the people on their journey to manage their health, diet and mindfulness. All this without them having to worry about researching and reading labels, so they can enjoy things that truly matter.

Our North Star

Cora aims to provide a platform where people can choose goals, ask questions and purchase products that can ultimately impact lives and help the fast paced individual focus on themselves.

    The final goal is to help sift through the sea of information out there so those on the journey of wellness don’t just reap the benefits but also enjoy the process!

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