Gut Health During The Wedding Season

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Gut Health During The Wedding Season

Gut And Wedding Season

You are forgetting something for the big day. No, we don’t mean your floral arrangement or the mang tika, we mean your stomach! That’s right. It’s the middle of November and even if the sun isn’t shining, it's the peak of wedding season. If there’s one thing we tend to overlook during the wedding season is gut health.

Brides and grooms, we know gut health is the last thing you want to think about with a never-ending to-do list in your head. But what if we told you that getting your gut in control before the wedding can give you a nice supple wedding glow? Our gut is the gateway for nutrients to enter our body. Fewer nutrients mean fewer vitamins and minerals which could result in lethargy, joint pain, moodiness, anaemia and much more on your big day. When all eyes will be on you - You definitely don’t want your gut acting up, do you? So let’s look at some tips that can be effortlessly incorporated into your daily routine.

Foods For Glowing Skin

The key principle for gut health is more good bacteria. So what do good bugs like to feed on? - Two words! Probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics would include yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi. Prebiotics are bananas, garlic, oats, asparagus, onions. The bug world in your gut also appreciates the variety of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. So time to up your intake of vegetables and get on the probiotic train with fun yoghurt recipes. Check out  Gut Healings Foods and Importance Of Nutrition in Gut Health for more info. If you would like to go one step further, then you’ve got to nail down your vitamins and minerals. These are the Ultimate Vitamins For Skin And Hair Health.


We don’t always think about the effects it has on the gut when we think about water. Guess what? it’s mega important for the gut. Dehydration is one of the most important factors for constipation (not always, but often) and with a million things on your mind, it’s a good bet that hydration is non-existent in that wedding to-do list. Dehydration can cause your stool to sit around in the large intestine, which isn’t exactly a good environment for your gut microbes. Drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day can help to move things around.

Avoid Bloating With The Right Foods

Bloating can be quite frustrating, especially when there is an occasion that requires you to dress up. So how to banish that belly bloat before the big day? Maybe you are thinking, “Oh, let me just starve myself for a couple of days, drink a few liquids, that’ll help me put down the pounds, right? - Wrong! As much as you think this is wise - skipping meals can cause a belly bulge. Instead, eliminate salts, refined sugar from your diet and put yourself on hydration duty. Some of the foods to be wary of are - beans, lentils, carbonated drinks, wheat, barley, rye, dairy products, apples. What to eat instead - whole grains, meat,  quinoa, buckwheat, almond flour, oats, coconut flour, spinach, fresh herbs and spices.

Make Nuts And Seeds Your Friend

It’s no secret that nuts and seeds like pistachios, almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds and chia seeds not only aid in your ‘ thin waist project’ but are also packed with essential nutrients. They are bite-sized and convenient sources of healthy fibre, unsaturated fats, protein and other nutrients that give a boost for the wedding day. The jitters may be creeping in on you and a handful of nuts or seeds by your side might help cope with all the wedding celebrations. Give yourself mini nutrient boosts throughout the day to keep you on your feet.

Stay As Far Away From Sodium As Possible

We get it - salt might seem impossible to avoid no matter how much you try, especially in Indian food. From a pinch of it in dal to a spoonful in pickles - salt has found a permanent place in our daily routines. Since sodium retains extra water in the body, it can cause uncomfortable bloating when there is an excess of it. MSG found in your Friday night Chinese take-outs and your burger cravings can be particularly offensive to your stomach. Although you might have ignored the fact previously, wedding season is definitely a good time to up your “ No junk food” game. When it comes to salt, look for other ways to increase your flavour - we Indians are not short of spices. Just an FYI - Himalayan pink salt is what you need to look at to replace regular salt.

Calling all the stressed-out brides and grooms! If you are looking to rock up to your wedding day with a luminous and radiant glow, then we suggest you find some calming activities for that frazzled mind.

Fewer nutrients mean fewer vitamins and minerals which could result in lethargy, joint pain, moodiness, anaemia and much more on your big day.

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