Unique Food Superstitions you can Only Find in India | Cora

Ayushi Khandelwal ·
Unique Food Superstitions you can Only Find in India | Cora

List of 7 Common Food Superstitions and the Possible Reasons Behind them

Has your daadi ever told you not to drink milk on the terrace in the evening? Or to borrow anything after 6? Well, these are a few of the many superstitions that have been proliferating around India for eternity. Some superstitions are backed by logic and some are twisted to another tangent. 

Bad Coconut Omen

People offer coconuts to deities in temples and believe that all their wishes will be fulfilled. Sometimes when the coconut turns out to be rotten or spoiled, it is discarded in thoughts that it brings a bad omen. Some people also believe it to be a curse from the almighty. 

Throwing Salt for Good Luck

Throwing salt is good luck, but spilling salt can be your way to damnation. Hey, it’s not us. It’s a superstition. These superstitions originate from the time salt was an expensive item. Spilling it was therefore considered inauspicious. The ones who could throw it could obviously afford more salt. So they considered it auspicious. 

Hanging Lemon and Chillies


Want to avert evil eyes? Hang lemon and chilies on either side of your entrance gate. It is believed to ward off Alakshmi (Goddess of poverty) away. Some people also believe it brings good luck. To each, their own. 

Finding Hair In Food

In Buddhism, it is believed to bring bad luck and is brought by one’s bad actions. Consequently, they believe fasting and controlling appetite is the only way to ward off back luck. In India, some people modify their eating and drinking behaviour if they find hair regularly in their food. 

Sprinkling Turmeric around the House

Again to ward off the evil eye! Well, other than the superstition, turmeric is a natural insect repellent, and sprinkling it around the house will only bring peace.

Burnt Milk Omen

Spilling milk while boiling it is considered a good omen and is believed to be a sign of future benefits to come. However, burning milk, on the other hand, is considered a bad sign and an indication of beginning sadness and expenses. 

Spilling Oil on the Floor

A bad omen, yet again! This could really have a logical reason behind it being you would have to clean up your floor over and again to get rid of that grease. Imagine the hours you’d put into cleaning that mess. That should be the only bad omen for spilling oil on the floor. 

History behind the Prevalent Indian Superstitions

Superstitions are often without logic, fear-based sentences. As a country with diverse cultures, we see and believe superstitions in our daily lives. Sometimes they come bearing logical origins, however, twisted to a point of utter rubbish. It is and has always been a poison of the mind. You can choose to either believe in it or believe in yourself. 

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