The Unsung Heroes Behind Mira Bai’s Success

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The Unsung Heroes Behind Mira Bai’s Success

Nation’s Pride

The country is absolutely overjoyed with Mira Bai’s win at the Olympics. All the gruesome practice sessions and sacrifices harvested into a podium finish clutching onto a heavy silver medal, speechless. Our proud dreamer came home yesterday with the medal hanging around her neck after being away for 5 long years. “She has not done anything apart from training,” says her coach Vijay Sharma.

Mira bai broke the record and became the first-ever Indian weightlifter to win a silver medal at the Olympic games. Mira has endeavoured a lot of hardships and years of setbacks before the big win, but the Rio disappointment was a major plot twist in her road to success. This landmark win is accredited to the strict discipline she was put on with regard to her fitness and diet. " I had worked hard in Rio too, but couldn't win, so we changed - everything. The training method especially," Mira said.

Her Backdrop Support System

Nutrition is the foundation of an athlete's success, it's the difference between a lifelong dream come true and disappointment. Mira Bai's trophy was the result of her gained lean mass, improved body composition and enhanced athletic performance. This could only be possible through the right type of food, calorie intake and nutrient timing. When Mira Bai was in Imphal, entering the junior circuit, her coaches gave her a diet chart that included milk and chicken as a vital part of the diet. “I knew I couldn’t afford it every day. So for close to a year I lifted - eating the unhealthiest foods, and it affected my game” said she. Defeating the world’s best; needs its own set of comrades and due praise needs to be given to her cook and coaches, who made sure she was fed the appropriate nutrients. A well-designed food tray was a huge pillar for this historical win. The ones who buckled up for the Olympics were her additional coach from Kerala- Dathan. The one who made sure she maintained her weight at 49 kg. Dathan was a former IAF and became a coach for the weightlifting federation of India in 2008. Another silent supporter is her cook from Andhra - K V Koteswararao who has been with her for the last four years. During the Tokyo game countdown Mira used to call her beloved cook from across the ocean to tell him " Anna you get such fresh salmon here, I wish you were here to cook it for me."

Champion's Food Choice

Well, now, that the target is accomplished, Mira is free to eat whatever she wants. The Olympic medalist cannot wait to eat fish and rice prepared by her mother. Her Coach Vijay Sharma proudly signs " Mirabai's hunger is hungry - not just for the medal but also her favourite food " she went on to add that she had not eaten much since the two days prior to her competition. Mira coaches always ensured she didn't gain a gram above 49kg and she too respected this decision of theirs. Her food schedule was

  • For breakfast - an egg, two slices of toast, and five fresh fruits including avocado

    For lunch - Fish, salmon, tuna, pork belly

    Her Coach revealed that she only eats 100-150 grams of these items and spent 6-8 hours in the gym.

  • Nutrition Basics For Weight Lifters

    Mira bai has set an example for all Indian women to stand up boldly when someone says “It isn't like” In an interview with the week Mira Bai Opined that she hopes that her win would change the way girls look at sports, including weight lifting. “ Weightlifting has very few women, I hope more girls come in now and participate so they get a chance to do something special. Girls have a lot of power.” So ladies! Let's get into the weighing room and make her proud. Wondering how to fuel your gains? We are here to coach you on your diet. The primary food groups to include are carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

    Sample Meal Plan

    Precision nutrition for exercise is quite complex depending on your intensity, current weight and your lifestyle needs. You can always consult our lead nutritionist, Dr Shweta, to give you a more detailed and tailor-made meal plan for your needs, she's only a call away.

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