9 Underrated Indian Foods That Deserve your Attention

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9 Underrated Indian Foods That Deserve your Attention

Underrated Indian Dishes That You Must Try

As an Indian citizen, do you think you’ve explored all cuisines from North to South and East to West? Let us put your taste to the test with these amazing underrated cuisines from all over India. 

Puran Poli - Maharashtra

With or without milk, this Maharashtrian traditional dish has everyone talking. Puran is the sweet lentil stuffing inside Poli, which is Marathi for bread. Festivals are incomplete without Puran Poli. You can enjoy it with a dollop of ghee, or potato sabzi. 

Mawa Kachori- Rajasthan

Defying all stereotypes about kachories, this sweet dessert takes the cake. Filled with a sweet mawa and nuts stuffing inside a kachori, a sinful treat such as this can have you drooling at any time. All sweetmeat shops in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana are bound to have it prepared every day. 

Bafauri - Chhattisgarh

Serve them as starters or as snacks at tea time, your guests wouldn’t stop asking about Bafauri. Chhattisgarh is famous for Bafauri made with chana dal, onions and spices. Call it an alternative to pakoras, if you will. It’s light, easy to make and served with chutneys of various kinds. 

Bajre Ki Khichdi - Haryana

A winter favourite in Haryana, Bajre ki khichdi makes you all warm and fuzzy. Bajra is rich in fibre, easily digestible and will keep you full for a long time. You get vitamins, carbohydrates and some other essential nutrients from Haryana’s delicacy. To enhance its flavours, have it with raita, curd, or sabzi. 

Mahni - Himachal Pradesh

A Himachali raw mango dish, Mahani is eaten with rice, roti or consumed as a side dish. It comes from the north-western regions of Himachal. There’s no hard and fast rule to make this dish with completely raw mangos, you can use slightly ripened mango as well. However, the colour will be different in both cases. You can substitute sugar with jaggery to make it a healthier dish. 

Misa Mach Poora - Mizoram

If you are a fanatic of shrimps, then Misa Mach Poora, grilled shrimps from Mizoram will make you fall in love with shrimps even more. Talk about a delectable and luscious gourmet dinner. Marinate shelled shrimps with subtle spices like coriander and peppercorns. Cook them for a few minutes, wrap them in banana leaves and grill or roast over charcoal to give a smoky flavour. Eat it with a bowl of piping hot rice

Kori Gassi - Karnataka

Dive into the flavours of coconut and spicy chicken with Kori Gassi of Karnataka. It comes from the coastal regions of Mangalore and is incomplete without Karnataka’s Byadagi chillies. This chilli imparts more colour than it does spice. Eat it with Kori roti, Neer Dosa, Aapam, or Idli to draw out the best flavours. 

Awan Bangwi - Tripura

Say hello to one of the most unique desserts from India. Made exclusively in Tripura. Tripuris use ghee, Lairu leaf and mami/guria rice to prepare Awan Bangwi. There are different types of Bangwi such as plain with guria rice, ginger and onion; cashew nut and raisin bangwi; pork bangwi with lard and so on. Use butter or ghee to enhance the decadent flavours of Awan Bangwi. 

Ambot Tik - Goa

Ambot means tangy and Tik means hot/spicy. Owing to the name, this Goan cuisine is tangy and hot and delivers a punch of flavours the next day. Made with shark fish or prawns and calamari, it is a popular dish across Goa. Tamarind and vinegar cut through the spiciness of the curry. Best served with Goan boiled rice, sannas (steamed rice cakes) or pav/pao. 

Enjoying the Lesser Known Foods of India

Fawning over the lesser-known delicacies of India? Why not give them a try yourself? They may not give you a firang taste but are sure to cause an explosion in your palate. These lesser known dishes often use locally grown vegetables and spices for an authentic taste. These are some of the closely guarded recipes, passed down from generation keeping the tradition alive, Shop for the best ingredients at Cora and make these recipes at home now!

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