7 Underrated Indian Cuisines That Deserve the Spotlight

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7 Underrated Indian Cuisines That Deserve the Spotlight

7 Underrated Indian Cuisines and Its Rich Flavors

India is not just chicken tikka masala and butter chicken. Our flavors and cuisines span wide. A culturally rich country such as ours encompasses a myriad of spices, condiments, and flavours. Isn’t the best part about India’s diversity is its food? Let’s honor regional cuisine in the best way possible. 

Odia Cuisine

How do you feel about a little bit of oil and a little bit of spice? Odia cuisine uses both of those in moderation. One point to health right there! Most of the dishes are made using yogurt and cheese. Plantains, jackfruits, and papayas are the main ingredients throughout Odia cuisine. 

Dogri Cuisine

Our folks from J&K would agree that there isn’t a better cuisine than the one famous in Jammu city. Dogra dishes are popular across India. From Ambal, Ghyoor Rajma Chawal to Dum Aaloo and Kashmiri pulao and Patisa are a few of the most popular dishes in J&K. 

Sindhi Cuisine

Chaap Chola, Sindhi Kadhi, Seyun-patata, Koki-papad, are some of the most popular dishes in Sindhi Cuisine. Amongst them, Dal pakwan is the one associated with Sindhi cuisine the most. Eating spicy, mushy dal with crispy pakwan is a treat to have for breakfast. 

Naga Cuisine

Delicacies of Nagaland are packed with the flavour of king chilly, bamboo shoots, and different herbs. All the 17 tribes of Nagaland have their own specialties. The Nagas are known for eating a variety of boiled foods without frying them, which is also why the majority of the nutrients remain intact in their meal. Axone, bamboo shoot, and most of the Naga dishes are best enjoyed with sprinkles of ginger and local chili. Since meat remains the primary of Naga cuisine, as a vegan/vegetarian you can replace that with mock meat and season it with spices

Malvani Cuisine

Get on the train from Dhondas to Khaproli with stops at Solkadhi, and Ghavan. Malvani is the cuisine of the southern coast of Maharashtra and Goa. The ingredients in this cuisine such as coconut milk and seafood are ubiquitous to all coastal cuisines, but the distinction lies in the preparation. 

Konkani Cuisine

Stretching from Maharashtra to Karnataka is the Konkan region. Konkani cuisine is a lot about seafood, but Konkanastha cooking is all about vegetarian food. Coconut and Kokum, capture the essence of this cuisine. If you haven’t already, consider trying Bangda Masala, Kurle Ambat, Patholi, and Khatkhate. 

Malnad Cuisine

Talk about a place with everlasting chutneys, pickles, and seafood taste. Spread across the Sahyadri mountain range, the Malenadu region is characterized by its distinct flavours. Whether you try rice ball dumplings, or fenugreek and mustard Saasve, an explosion of flavours in your mouth is guaranteed. 

Even with the presence of bold flavours and spices, these Indian cuisines go unnoticed. The aroma, authenticity and technique involved in each of these cuisine is exemplary and exposed to a few. Each of these have a flavour profile of sweet, savoury, and smokey. Be the judge yourself and try these 7 underrated Indian cuisines. 

Just writing about these delicacies has me drooling. Wouldn’t you like to celebrate India’s diversity with the most underrated yet lip-smacking cuisines?

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