Unique Ways To Celebrate Diwali This Year

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Ways To Celebrate Diwali

Diwali Prep

People must already be hoarding you with the question - So what plan for Diwali this year? Every nook and corner of the country celebrates this festival with much enthusiasm, but some of us might just be looking to do something different. The feeling of joy and warmth in the air is overpowered by loud crackers, suffocating smog and a pile of residual litter on the streets.

There are a million fun-filled activities you can do instead of poisoning the air this Diwali. If you are someone who is not the traditional type, we have listed down entertaining activities you can do to celebrate the festival of lights.

Check Out A Festival Event Near You

Thanks to the digital world, you can find out the events happening near you with a click of a button. Take a chance to discover Diwali events and activities happening in your city. Be it a Diwali comedy night or skywatching event. Make your Diwali evening entertaining and keep that festival spirit alive with handpicked events hosted in your city. Especially if you are living in a metro city like Bangalore. There’s always open mics, theatre performances and melas to attend on a festive night.

Diy Decor With House Old Items

Bring out your creative side and deck up the house using old household items. Those antique-looking brass items and the empty glass bottles lying around the house can be used to deck up your house for the festival. Get into the rabbit hole of DIY decor and turn the old CDs into a wall hanging and the mason jars into light holders. Light up your home by repurposing those abandoned goodies. You can even create your in-house Diwali photo booth.

Amuse Your Taste Buds

Diwali nights either lead to endless Instagram shopping to see what others are doing or numbing ourselves by binge-watching Netflix. Find a fun way to spend time in the kitchen. Create a blueprint for using your kitchen staples. The internet is full of Diwali recipes you could try out and treat yourself to a sweet delight. This will bring in a sense of bash and make you feel and lot more productive than being a couch potato.

Dance It Out With A Great Playlist

Diwali karaoke night or a dance night with your friends and family. Try out a tik tok routine with your fam jam or create a Bollywood playlist and set the floor on fire. Blast the boombox with all your favourite songs and dance in your ethnic clothes. Bring in light, laugher, and positivity by rocking the night out with your dance moves. Won’t it be fun to watch padoson ki aunty try a tik tok routine?

Photo Walk

Unleash the photographer in you this Diwali and go on a photo walk. All the streets light up with the glow of diyas, kids running around creating memories, families reuniting. You are bound to get some great frames to capture. Even a simple smartphone on a tripod can get you brilliant images of the fireworks. This will definitely be a blessing to your Instagram feed./p>

There’s more than one way to celebrate Diwali other than the conventional fireworks and littering. If you looking for eco-friendly Diwali ideas, check it out.

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