Staying Healthy Through The Festivities

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Staying Healthy Through The Festivities
We, at Cora, strive to make your health goals more accessible to you- in order to do this, we love hearing what you think! We believe in our vision and our products and if you had any doubt in your mind, here is a wonderful review to ease your worries.

Nikita Nagaraj On Good Period

This guest blog from digital creator, Nikita Nagaraj goes over the real-life benefits that Good Periods, has to offer.

Periods have always been a taboo topic in India. Hushed whispers, shame, stigma and more have followed women everywhere. Apart from dealing with mood swings, period pains and other things, they’ve also been dealing with the social burdens that come with periods.

But, we’re happy to say things are definitely starting to look up. With exposure due to social media and forward-thinking ads, women are becoming more outspoken. They have come to realise that their womanhood is something to be celebrated and not something to be ashamed of.

Now, we see more daughters being frank about their hormonal issues with their fathers. We see husbands buying sanitary napkins for their wives. We see women openly discussing their issues with one another.

There’s another thing that’s improving and that is the science side of women’s health. Issues like PCOS, Endometriosis, Cysts and painful periods are now considered legitimate health and lifestyle disorders and many companies are coming forward to help women deal with this. From supplements to herbal teas to compression pads to organic hygiene products, we have it all.

One such product that’s working great for women is the ‘’Good Period’’ by Aadar. This supplement is enriched with many ayurvedic ingredients like Shatavari, Ashoka, Turmeric, Manjistha and many more. These herbs work well from inside and help women have a good period, literally. They also help with nourishment, internal healing and provide the required nutrition.


Products For Healthy Periods

I bought this product on the Cora Health website, where they have many more supplements and natural foods to help with many conditions like periods, diabetes, immunity, fitness/ weight loss and many more.

Some of the products I recommend from Cora Health for women/ happy periods are:

1. Aadar Good Period supplements

2. 7 Seeds Blend

3. Lo! Keto Atta

4. Kapiva Aloe Vera Juice

5. Hunny Drops Coorg Honey

These especially help if you are having any period-related issues.

Apart from this, here are a few more things you can do to be healthy:

  • Eat healthy: More fruits, veggies and protein. Less sugar, carbs and gluten
  • Be fit: Move for at least 30 minutes a day. Try doing 10k steps.
  • Meditate: Meditating for even 5 minutes a day reduces stress levels and regulates hormones

      There is a whole range of products that strive to provide happier cycles for women. Because a happy you is a healthy you!

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