Staying Healthy After A Festive Food Binge

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Staying Healthy After A Festive Food Binge

Festive Hangover

Your ache to detox around this time of the year is not uncommon, probably has something to do with the binge eating that starts from early October and drag on till the three feasts of Diwali. If you are a health watcher, this endless cycle of indulgence can derail the progress you have made all year round. Is your body feeling less than stellar after goring on all the sugary dipped sweets and oil roasted delicacies?

Your body sure needs a reset. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on crash diets or hours and hours of exercise to get back on track. The truth is your body has an in-build mechanism to heal itself after your week-long venture of binge eating. All it needs is a little push to get the process started.

Is Detox Just An Urban Legend?

If you mention the word detox to a health professional, you will probably get a chuckle out of them. Our bodies are experts at getting rid of toxins, regardless of what we eat. So all the detox diets that involve fasting or drinking expensive juices will only get you calorie deficient and poor nutrients. There is no research whatsoever that shows a detox diet helps to increase insulin resistance or helps to flush out the toxins. The best way you can reset your body after a festive food binge is by clean eating. Stay away from processed foods, high fats and sugary foods. Detox diets might be popular but they hold no health benefits (1).

Ways To Get Healthier After The Festive Season

Get Rid Of the Bloat

That heavy feeling you get after a whole week of festive eating is actually bloating because it takes a lot of calories to put on fat. One way to get rid of the bloat is through hydration. By staying hydrated you can easily flush out the sodium and the bloat. Hydration also helps to up your metabolic rate by 30%. The key is to drink water according to your BMI (multiply the pounds you weigh by ⅔) Find your hydration sweet spot and guzzle away the bloat.

Think Fresh

It’s as simple as this - Fresh fruits and vegetables are always the answer to a healthier you. A lot of supplements may come and go but let’s face it! Nothing will ever replace the benefits of the good old veggie plate. Nutritionists recommend filling at least half your plate with fresh vegetables. They are high in fibre and can help your gut flora flourish, which will get your digestion on track. Not to forget the nutrients they have got to offer. Give your starving body some real food they can latch on to.

No More Empty Calories And Simple Carbs

Isn’t it such a bane that the empty calorie and carb-rich foods taste so good? Be it Briyani or something as simple as Diwali Murukku. Now that you’ve loaded up on all your favourites, it’s time to start saying no to these foods. Stay away from foods that give only empty calories and simple carbs. Focus on getting complex cabs and brown food like quinoa, millets, ragi, wheat and brown rice.

Keep Your Drinks “Clean”

Press skip on that morning coffee and the Friday night party plans. Caffeine and alcohol only put more strain on your liver and the kidneys. As hard it is for you to think about going a day without a quick caffeine fix, we recommend you try to resist the urge as much as possible. Switch to green tea or lemon tea instead. It’s winter and you are probably itching for a drink that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, satisfy your needs by adding non-caffeinated and sugar-free drinks to your menu.

Get That Adrenaline Rush

We all feel sluggish and lazy after the festivities and we get it! A gym is the last place you want to be in right now. Well too bad! The benefits it provides outweighs how you feel about it. It’s no secret that exercise has powerful effects on the body and mind. Aim for at least 30 mins of activity every day. We are not asking you to jump the shark right away, you can start with simple activities you enjoy like a short walk or playing your favourite sport. Along with getting a rockin’ bod, it can also help with better digestion, blood sugar level and cholesterol (2).

Digestion can be one of the major concerns after a festive food binge. Looking for more natural and ayurvedic ways to better your digestion? Check it out.

The best way you can reset your body after a festive food binge is by clean eating.

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