How To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali

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How To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali

Green Diwali

Every corner of the house is lit by the soft glow of Diya, the vibrant rangoli in the front and the best part - gorging on a whole spread of scrumptious sweets and snacks. Indeed Diwali is a merry time all over the country but all this enthusiasm is surely and slowly causing havoc to your ecosystem. The deafening fireworks, chemical-laden diyas and adulterated packaged foods are poisoning the natural elements.

The collective consciousness around Diwali celebrations mostly fueled by the advertisement industry and the media has caused quite a predicament regarding environmental issues. There could not be a better time to go green than on Diwali. Trust us, with these eco-friendly swaps, Diwali is going to be so much more fun.

Here’s a list of ways you can ensure that it’s eco friendly

Earthen Diyas Instead Of Electric lights

Yes! We agree the plastic led lights are cheap, colourful and are available in various styles, but at what cost? A real threat to our existence (not an exaggeration). It demands a huge amount of electricity and also the effluents released depletes the ozone layer. Revving the earthen diyas not only encourage our local artisans but is completely harmless for the environment. The twinkling glow of diyas is going to make your home so much more rustic than retina piercing bright electric lights.

Say No to Crackers

We get it the excitement levels peak when it comes to crackers but many would like a smog-free Diwali. If crackers are still on your plans, we have some great ideas for you to do instead and save mother earth. Instead of choking the air with chemicals and burning your Diwali bonus on the lethal crackers try planting trees together with your family or leaving out lanterns to the sky. You could make your evenings fun with card games, Pictionary, antakshari and overloading on all the delicacies.

Use Paper Shopping Bags

Splurging on all the colourful attires, sweets and thoughtful gifts might just be the most favourite activity of diwali. Another way to ensure you are being environmentally friendly is using paper, jute or cloth bags instead of plastic bags for your Diwali shopping. Paper bags offer a lot of eco-accommodating advantages by being biodegradable and reusable. A lot of brands have also made it eye-catching and colourful and so much better than a plain old plastic bag.

Gift Sustainable Items

Brighten the life of your loved ones with sustainable gifting options. Instead of encouraging your loved ones to munch on sugar dipped and fried, give them something healthy. Now.. you might be wondering how does my diet affect the environment. A lot of studies have been published showing the direct correlation between a healthier diet and lesser environmental impact (1). Foods associated with best health outcomes like nuts, whole grains, legumes, olive oil, legumes, fruits and vegetables were found to have the least impact on the environment while processed foods, red meat, pork, beef not only increased the risk of disease but also had the largest impact on environmental factors.

Use Organic Rangoli

Bring more colour to Diwali with organic Rangoli. The ones you find on the market are chemical-based that pollute the environment. You could opt for colours made out of natural colouring agents like turmeric, rice colour, coal, kumkum, lime, petals, coal or leaves, If consumerism has gotten the best of you and are not able to find affordable Organic colours you could try making them at home.

Change the way you celebrate this year that is good for you as well as the environment. A new chapter and new traditions that set as an example for coming generations. Let’s build a better tomorrow.

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