Easy Jugads For Festive Family Get-Together

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Easy Jugads For Festive Family Get-Together

Festive Reunion

While you are mesmerised by festive evenings filled with a million lights and the aroma of the delicacies in the air, you shouldn’t be worried if your guests are having a good time or not. Let’s face it! The old ‘chip-and-dip’ isn’t exactly going to make your family night memorable and planning the perfect family night is surely a hassle. But to pull off a grand festive bash - from budget to themes to family activities, everything needs to be meticulous.

These shortcuts can help you host the ultimate family get-together minus the effort. Hold on! Before you get super excited with the idea of a festive family get-together, here are a few things you need to do.

1. Digital Invitations For The Win

As obvious as this suggestion sounds, we are just making sure you don’t forget to call your loving, dysfunctional family. A handwritten card or a call would definitely take it over the top, but there is a middle path, which is digital invitations. Design a handwritten note on platforms like Canva and make it personal. Build a careful guest list (Don’t want to forget inviting the bade papa who will definitely comment if he gets the last-minute invite). Deciding your guest list beforehand will make sure you aren’t making anyone feel alienated. These can be sent in bulk and people can always just refer the card for the time, venue, or even your house route to make it to the party.

2. Tips For The Perfect Playlist

Remember! Family get together is not a time to show off your superior music taste. Instead of forcing down your music on people’s throats, play something that everybody enjoys. Selecting a playlist that everyone likes is actually harder than it sounds. Here are things to keep in mind for ‘THE’ playlist.

  • First, decide the vibe, tempo and theme you want to set for your party. Is it a relaxed and laid back where people can talk or a loud evening filled with awkward dance moves from your family? Depending on your goal, select your list
  • Don’t cross over genres. Stick with one genre of music and run with it. Playing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with Nucleya isn’t just going to work.
  • Sticking with genre doesn’t mean you don’t bring in spice. Bring in variety in the same genre by playing slow songs, Fast songs, different Era etc…
  • Don’t top-load your playlist, with all good ones right at the beginning. Create a placement with big hits and fillers in between each other.

3. Try A Food Bar Instead

We all know how stressful it can get for one person to take care of everything. Making sure the appetisers are there for everyone, juggling your way through the crowd and serving (not to forget the seconds). Food bars are a great way to creatively feed your guest without getting stuck in the kitchen. If you are unsure of what a food bar is, - It’s a themed food station where people can build their own food. It could be a make your own sandwich or mix your own chaat. You can also leave the mains on the menu like a buffet, so people can serve their own food. Set up a food station where people can fry their own barbequed paneer, choose their ice cream toppings or load their plate up with rice.

4. The Entertaining Factor

What’s a family get together without a sibling or two getting super competitive and fighting (Drama toh banta hai!). Confused about what kinda games you need to break out at the party? We have suggestions!

  • Childhood nostalgia games - Bring out traditional Indian games like logo and lakhoti that defined everybody’s childhood regardless of how old you are
  • Uno - No matter what, the true colours of your family come out while playing this game. It gets everybody’s adrenaline pumping
  • Would you rather - This game doesn’t need any kind of equipment. You go around asking your family members ‘hard to choose questions’ like - Would you rather experience Delhi heat every day for the rest of your life or give up eating biryani forever
  • Again… There’s always Antakshari if nothing works out

5. Party Favours

Festive reunions are something that everybody anticipates (Yes! Even the overachieving NRI cousin). It’s a time when your loved one’s bond and celebrate together. Don’t you want to give them something to remember this evening? You can give them sustainable gifts like houseplant or reusable tote bags. How about something personal? Like a food hamper with your family’s favourite snacks and goodies. If you find a healthy food hamper as cool as Cora’s food hamper with snacks and savouries that not only have an exceptional taste but are also incredibly healthy for your loved ones, then you should totally go for it (not to be a pushy salesperson or anything).

Now that we have figured out everything, get ready with your prettiest attire and a snarky answer to the mami who will definitely ask “Beta shaadi kab karogi”? Because it’s time to host the ultimate family reunion.

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