Here are 4 reasons to switch your child’s Milk to Goat’s Milk!

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Here are 4 reasons to switch your child’s Milk to Goat’s Milk!

With the changing times, mothers now have access to a greater number of alternatives when it comes to nourishing their children. You would have never thought that you would be spending all this time researching the perfect alternative for your child. From cow milk to plant-based milk to even pea milk, Goat Milk is an option that stands out from the rest! 

Did you know? Your child’s five senses are all established in the womb itself and this includes their taste preferences, which keep evolving throughout their lives! 

If the taste is not available, children tend to shy away from that specific food as their taste buds are still evolving. 

Goat Milk has both taste and the proper nourishment for your growing kids! They won’t shy away from it, we promise! 

From ‘moo’ to ‘maa’, we’re here to help you make the decision to switch without this feeling of uneasiness or what we like to call ‘meh’.  Here are 4 reasons why you should choose Goat’s Milk over other forms of milk! 

  • It may be beneficial for children with cow milk allergies: 
  • Did you know? Cow Milk allergy affects up to 3% of children on a global scale. 

    The various symptoms of cow milk allergy can vary between diarrhoea, coughing, stomach ache, etc. to even more severe symptoms like shortness of breath and anaphylaxis. 

    It has been seen by experts that many people with cow milk allergies are able to consume Goat Milk without any side effects. This may be because of the higher protein profile of Goat Milk and its smaller fat particles, which are easier to digest. When it comes to the lactose content in Goat Milk, it is not devoid of lactose but contains a lower amount of it as compared to cow milk. 

  • The nutritional profile varies between Goat Milk and cow milk:

    Goat's Milk is rich in Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin A, Copper and other essential vitamins and minerals. Along with this, the protein profile of Goat Milk is higher when compared to cow milk. 

    However, this is not it. Both Cow and Goat Milk go hand in hand. Just like Goat Milk is rich in certain minerals and vitamins, it is also low in Vitamin B12 and folate, which can be found in greater amount in cow milk! This makes them fairly even, in terms of nutrition. 

    Nonetheless, Goat’s Milk takes the show, as it helps in improving the body’s absorption capability of various significant nutrients like iron.

  • It is Rich in Calcium: 
  • Milk is said to be rich in two proteins, i.e., whey and casein. The casein present may help increase calcium solubility by binding calcium in the small intestine. 

    Okay, that was a bit tough to understand! 

    In simple terms, consuming Goat Milk may be beneficial in improving calcium absorption by the small intestine, which, in turn, helps in keeping the bones strong and maintaining bone density. 

    Easy, right? 

  • It is Easier to Digest: 
  • Well, with the change in time, finding foods that can be easily digested by your children is something rare. So, if you read somewhere that there is a solution, you have read it right! 

    We have it in the form of Goat Milk! Yes, yes! Goat Milk! 

    As we mentioned earlier that the fat particles present in Goat Milk are smaller in size and can easily pass through the intestines, your body is able to digest it! According to research, the fat particles are almost 1/3rd the size of fat particles present in cow milk. Not just this, Goat Milk forms softer and looser curd in the stomach, which is also one of the reasons that it is easily digestible.  

  • It is a great source of Energy: 
  • A growing child has a lot of things going on in his/her life! From school to tuition, to even enjoying their lives! All these activities take up a lot of energy and to make it up for that, they need something! 

    Well, you wouldn’t be surprised if we said Goat Milk! 

    We say Goat Milk is a great source of energy because it mainly contains medium-chain fatty acids as, according to research, it has a unique metabolic activity, which can provide energy to both growing children and may be used for patients with malabsorption. 

    Where to get Goat Milk? 


    It is, for sure, a quest to find the best and highest quality Goat Milk for your growing children, but don’t you worry. We’ve taken care of that too! 


    Hye Goat Milk is 100% Pure & Natural, without any additives or preservatives. It does not even contain any added sugar! Can you believe it? If we were in your place, we would have given it a shot! 


    Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and let us know in the comment section below!

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