Is Permanent Removal of Unwanted Hair Possible Through Ayurveda

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Is Permanent Removal of Unwanted Hair Possible Through Ayurveda

5 Ways of Removing Unwanted Hair Through Ayurveda

Teeth and hair issues fall under the long list of insecurities for women, right beside weight loss. Healthy hair has always given a sense of confidence and assessment of beauty, but only when it’s a crowning glory and not elsewhere. The frequent visits to the salon to wax that extra hair is a ritual for almost all women, even more so for PCOS women. Although it is a more cosmetic concern, it causes a lot of psychological damage, with a feeling of embarrassment and low self-esteem issues.

If you are struggling with male pattern body hair, then getting rid of it can get tedious and expensive. The waxing, treading and laser treatment can make you feel good for a few months, then the cycle of pain repeats itself. Through some Ayurvedic techniques, you can get rid of it permanently! Your beauty kit does not need to include expensive cosmetics but simple natural condiments that are available right at home.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Remove Unwanted Hair

Ayurvedic remedies are said to be painless, natural and provide permanent results, although it might take more time. The scriptures have listed down how to remove unwanted hair in Ayurveda.

Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood is a popular home ready for skin health in all Desi homes. From being antiseptic to glowing skin, sandalwood does it all. Another way, sandalwood can be put to use is for hair removal. Mix sandalwood powder and turmeric powder together, add water. Apply the paste on areas you want unwanted hair gone.

Thanaka Powder

This powder is made from the roots of the tree Thanaka, which are usually found in Myanmar. It is applied along with Kusumba oil for hair removal remedy. It needs to be applied twice a day for full benefits. First, apply it for 2 hours in the morning and wash it off with soap and water. The second session needs to be applied at night and kept overnight.

Turmeric Powder With Neem or Yoghurt

Your grandmother would have already told you this secret that turmeric is good for hair removal, but to make it more effective, you can make a paste with neem or yoghurt. Mix the ingredients together to make it into a toothpaste consistency. Apply and leave the paste on your body until it dries, splash water and gently rub off once done.

Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea has gotten a lot of positive feedback for being a solution for mild hirsutism. Women who drank spearmint twice daily found significant changes in androgen levels in the blood. Excess hair is usually caused by underlying issues concerning hormonal imbalance. Once that’s taken care of, the struggle for male pattern body hair ends.

Multani Mitti

Almost all cosmetic products claim to have natural extracts of Multani Mitti in them. If natural is the way to go, then why not use them in their rawest form, it is used for many skin woes. Apply a pack of Multani Mitti, rose water and milk on the face for exfoliation and reduction in suntan after waxing, to ward off facial hair growth.

Natural remedies are making a global rage now. They are affordable, safe and effective for the long haul. With these DIY hair removal, you can say no to chemical-laden products.

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