Can Ayurveda Win A Millennial's Lifestyle?

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Can Ayurveda Win A Millennial's Lifestyle?

Ayurveda For The Millennials

If you happen to know every word to “I want it that way” and remember cartoons like looney tunes and Shakti man. Lived the skinny jeans era and grew up with Parle-G by your side every evening, then step right in! Millennials, let’s decipher if Ayurveda is the right choice of lifestyle for the 90s kids.

Ayurveda, the art of ancient healing, has been part of the Indian households for thousands of years but is Ayurveda still relevant to those born along with modern science and technological boom. Can these Vedic tools unlock happiness and health in times of digital revolution, midnight partying, and immense work pressure?

What’s Plaguing The Millennials

The truth is, we may be the only generation that tasted chuski’s and know what comes after jaya, rekha, sushma but really we are not that different from the rest. We have the same desires and wants as the rest of the generations, but with fresher perspectives and newer battles. Before getting on to the relevance of Ayurveda, let’s look at some of the common health woes millennials are facing and how Ayurveda can swoop in to address those health woes. Recent studies have discovered that millennials are less healthy compared to other generations (1), as we rely too much on urgent care and retail clinics. Ayurveda might turn out to be exactly what millennials need in this day and age.

Sound Mental State

Most millennials live by the philosophy of work hard, play hard. The dawn of digital platforms and work from home culture has now merged our worlds together. With the recent trauma of pandemic lingering in the atmosphere, we are struggling to balance out the play and the work. As we are questioning the conventional ways of life, we also battle online bullying, media overload, unscheduled work culture, self-esteem, body shaming, patriarchy, political turmoil, social anxiety and the list goes on. Now how far can herbs and kasaya help with mental health issues?

Ayurvedic Solution - You’ll be surprised at how much our ancestors were good at predicting modern-day problems. While modern medicine encourages to pop pills to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Ayurveda brings in a holistic approach to mental health, which is focusing on the root of the problems and not the symptom. The practice of Dinacharya, yoga and herbal medications like ashwagandha gummies have provided an alternative form of treating (2).

Higher cholesterol

Did you know that millennials are on the track to be the most obese generation? I guess the blame goes on the heavily sedentary lifestyle due to the technological surge, exposure to highly processed food and fast-paced lifestyles. From our breakfast cereal to dinner desserts contain high processed entities like sugar, gluten and preservatives. Instagram and gaming are eating away the time we spend outdoors and when do we get the time to cook our meals or read nutrition labels with 9 am classes and client meetings.

Ayurvedic Solution - Along with therapeutic interventions, Ayurveda gives credit to nutrition as well for a healthy lifestyle. An Ayurvedic diet holds the key to combating modern obesity issues. The Ayurvedic philosophy recognises the fact that the food, herbs and spices we indulge in can have direct effects on your body’s composition. As it takes into account that each individual’s body composition is different, an Ayurvedic diet is constructed to your dosha type (Vatta, pitta, kapha). Outrun obesity with an Ayurvedic diet (3).


Not to be repetitive, but our lifestyle has taken a drastic turn and not all of them are for the better. Yes! We are better connected, informed and more progressive, but our heavily sentry lifestyle, dehydration, replete nutrition, has set a ticking time bomb for a rise in lifestyle disorders like PCOD.

Ayurvedic Solution - Although conventional medicine can give symptomatic relief, some do recognise the value of fighting PCOS with Ayurveda. While there is no cure for PCOD, Ayurveda can be a game-changer for PCOD when used as a complementary treatment. The root of imbalances lies in lifestyle choices and improper diet. Ayurveda can bring in an abundance of pure and natural healing, which is exactly what your body needs in this toxic laden world (4).

Blood Pressure

We have become a distinctive generation in many ways but unfortunately looks like we stood out even in the blood pressure category. A recent report showed blood pressure to be prevalent in people between the age of 21 to 36. Even the fittest of them all, with regular exercise and diet, seemed to have missed noticing this metric. One out of 8 people suffers from hypertension in India. They are calling the great millennial blood pressure problem.

Ayurvedic Solution - Millennials hypertension sufferers take note! You need to get on a track to bring it to check as soon as possible (it’s called a silent killer for a reason). Before you press the panic button, it is completely possible to control blood pressure naturally at home. A number of experts have unveiled that Ayurveda is the most effective form of treatment for blood pressure. Herbal treatment, yogasanas and Ayurvedic diet have shown visible results in lowering blood pressure naturally (5).

The unique challenges faced by millennials can actually be addressed through the wisdom of our ancestors. Many progressive brands like Kapiva and Kama Ayurveda have put their innovative minds together and rebooted Ayurvedic strategies like amla shots, ashwagandha hair gummies, herbal hangover tablets that can easily fit into the lifestyle and dietary practices of a millennial.

Ayurveda brings in a holistic approach to mental health, which is focusing on the root of the problems and not the symptom.

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